AB for beginners method

At the beginning of the adventure with training it is worth exercising with the weight of your own body. The adaptation period for strength training, which should last from 4 to 6 weeks, will allow the muscles and tendons to get used to the effort. In addition, we will strengthen the body and prevent often injuries occurring at the beginning.


  1. Training method for beginners

For beginners after the adaptation period, FBW will perform 3 times a week. It will allow a stronger adaptation of the body to the effort. Get used to the tendons, joints and muscles for external loads. This period should last exactly the same as the previous one. Someone may say that these are long periods – but they will allow optimal use of the body’s potential in the future.

Beginners make the mistake of going to the gym with a more experienced colleague, starting to practice in exactly the same way as he does. What unfortunately most often ends in injuries, fatigue and overtraining. As a result, instead of after training, you feel better and better, such people feel tired and discourage from training.



  1. AB type method

After training with the weight of your own body and FBW, it’s time to start practicing a training plan that will allow you to develop better both the bottom and the top of the body. The AB method assumes four sessions a week. The system consists of doing leg training, the next day of body top training, the day of the break and repeating the cycle.


Sample training


Training A – legs


– 3 sets of squats with a bar for 12-20 repetitions;


– 2 sets of leg straightening on a 12-20 repetition machine;


– 3 sets of legs bending on a machine of 12-20 repetitions;


– 3 series for calves – 2 for standing and 1 for sitting (in the next cycle in reverse), 12-20 repetitions.



Training B – the top of the body


– 2 sets of pull-up on the stick 12-20 repetitions (it is worth using rubber for help here);


– 2 series of dead within 12-20 repetitions;


– 2 sets of dumbbell pressings on a flat bench of 12-20 repetitions;


– 2 sets for shoulders (1 barbell bench and 1 arm lift) 12-20 repetitions;


– 1 series of shoulders deflection 12-20 repetitions;


– 1 series of pulling the upper lift cable for 12-20 repetitions;


– 2 sets on the abdomen (eg lifting the knees to the chest in the overhang and tense on the fitness ball) 12-20 repetitions.


  1. The effects of AB training

The effects of such training in beginners are definitely better than the introduction of split training. Without the adaptive period, our body will achieve some increases in strength and mass, but muscle stagnation will appear sooner. We also increase the risk of injury and we risk reducing the effects of training in the future.

Posted on: November 14, 2018

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