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Are you interested in acupuncture, are you looking for a healthy diet or an idea to calm down after a hard day?We recommend holistic therapies!According to the assumptions of holism, health is a process that can be presented on the example of a continuum.One end of the continuum is the condition of the disease, on the opposite pole, however, there is a state of non-disease, which is combined with mental fulfillment and a sense of happiness.The center of this continuum is defined as the absence of disease, but also the lack of life satisfaction.

Holistic medicine is based not only on the treatment of symptoms, but also on determining the causes of the disease and its elimination.Her job is to provide physical health and mental comfort.- Health is more than just physical and mental fitness.In the holistic approach, the definition of health also implies a sense of happiness, the possibility of self-realization as well as spiritual balance.


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Experts at your fingertips

The service of hopl.pl is addressed to people who are interested in holistic hobbyist medicine, but also to those who are looking for a particular therapist.- We are constantly developing the base of therapists and various development schools.Persons conducting various types of therapies can provide us with information about their activities free of charge.

To make it easier for users to find a specific person or service, classified ads are sorted into thematic categories.On the website we can find, among othersoffers of yoga centers or martial arts schools.- Remember that physical effort combined with concentration has a very large impact on general well-being.That’s why many people prefer to sign up for yoga or fitness instead of therapists.

The techniques such as acupuncture, Ayurveda, physiotherapy, coaching and many others have also found their place on the website.


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Knowledge from practitioners

People who advertise their services on the portal have unique knowledge about the forms of therapy, such as Radical Forgiveness techniques or treatment with flower essences.Therefore, the portal also acts as a platform for the exchange of information.Experts of holistic medicine can publish their articles free of charge and readers have the opportunity to comment, join the discussion and ask questions to experts.


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Posted on: January 15, 2019

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