6 tips on how to strengthen and extend your arms


Arm training is not only about the visual effect, but above all about strengthening and overall muscle development, which will determine the progress in further results of the exercises. Strengthen and extend your arms with simple tips.

  1. Pulling in every workout

Yes in every workout! I do not think there is a person with large back that would be weak. Building strong back requires strong arms. If you can not stand before completing a series of pulls or rowing, you will never build a powerful back. Adding pull-ups in any workout will result in both muscle and strength development. It is best to perform both pull-ups with the hook and the snap. Also use a small number of repetitions with a load and a large number of repetitions only with body weight.

  1. Dead sequence at least once a week

A deadlift is one of the best-known exercises, general development, used in various types of training for many parts of our body. Depending on what you want to get, you can manipulate your legs, do it with your knees straight or not, but the weight is always kept by your hands. It is their responsibility to lift the chosen load. Performed at least once a week, it will allow you to use all the strength that has been worked out during the training for the other parties. A deadlift is primarily to maintain the tension needed by the muscles. Although we will feel it mainly in the back and legs, remember that the hands are holding the whole weight.


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  1. Do exercises on the bench twice a week

This is about exercises such as, for example, squeezing a barbell on a bench, in which the arms also take part. One session should be heavy and contain repetitions in the range 1-3. This literally means weights with which you can do a maximum of 1-3 repetitions. The second session should have a higher volume. This can be, for example, a set of 10 series of 10 reps with a weight that will allow you to make all series. Such division will ensure strong activation of arms, in particular triceps.

  1. Start with squats

If you decide to devote your training day to your arms, start with squats. Work without heavy movements has several drawbacks. One of them is the lack of remission of key hormones responsible for muscle growth. We recommend 5 sets of squats before arms training to initiate the release of hormones. Focus first on the effects on the central nervous system, and you will see both an increase in energy and arm strength.

  1. Airdyne bike

Although the device is not one of the most popular, it is certainly noteworthy. It allows you to activate and warm up both the lower and upper parts of the body. Preparing the muscles for effort, raising the heart rate, is a great pre-training preparation. Alternating engagement of the upper and lower body will allow you to do a really good fitness training. In addition, if you try to drive the device only with the strength of your hands, your arms will get a really solid impression.

  1. Reduce the number of exercises

There are enormous possibilities to train individual parties, but it is not worth trying to fit each of them on each training day. Instead of jumping on machines, combine and invent – choose 2-3 exercises in which you will do 5 demanding series of 12-15 repetitions. Focus on the volume and intensity of your training. Intensive work with simple and basic movements will make sure you achieve your goal.


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Posted on: December 5, 2018

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