5 ways to build a 6-pack


Usually there are several ways to success and it can not be said that there is only one right one. In the case of building abdominal muscles is completely different, because the recipe for success in each case is almost the same. Find answers to bothering questions and learn how to get amazing ABS.

Abdominal muscles – what makes them visible?

The market is dominated not only by gadgets, but also magical training plans, cosmic dietary supplements and pills that are to provide you with great-looking abdominal muscles. Sounds absurd? It is absurd, and reaching for a dietary supplement, which is to guarantee you a dream figure for the summer – you already know that it will not work, because it can not work.

Of course, abdominal muscle training, their support with appropriate nutrients and other methods are important, but there is no substitute for diet. She plays a key role in building the abdominal muscles and you will not get around without it. Even the seventh sweats squeezed out in the gym, perfectly structured training plan for you and professional help, will not help when you do not start changing your kitchen. There is a reason why it is said that the belly is built there. So – focus on nutrition and go to the next training points from this position.

5 ways to build a 6-pack

  1. Eat enough protein

Protein, as everyone knows, is the building material for the resulting muscle fibers. Perfect for training, when the muscle is stimulated to grow and simply needs this ingredient. However, protein is not only an extension, but also help in burning unnecessary calories. So we can talk about two-in-one benefits – burning unnecessary body fat and building muscles.


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  1. Carbohydrates after training

Many believe that carbohydrates should disappear from our diet, especially when we train the stomach. Nothing more wrong! During intensive training you use the glycogen stores contained in the muscles, it is not surprising that you will need to supplement them. This in turn will provide us with carbohydrates eaten after the training, preferably up to half an hour after the end of activity, because then the highest bioavailability of supplied nutrients is noted. Of course, we are not talking about highly processed products, mountains of chocolate and other unhealthy snacks, and carbohydrates from even fruit. After training, not only the stomach, banana known to everyone, which is also a valuable source of potassium, will be perfect.


  1. Healthy fats

But can fat be healthy? In the end, we want to get rid of it, especially from the stomach, where it covers the muscles developed during training. Of course! Fat (this healthy) is essential for the proper functioning of the body, also during the reduction diet, or work on the abdomen. It should be remembered that it helps stabilize insulin levels in the blood, allows the dissolution of vitamins A, D, E and K, and is a building block of cell membranes. You should look for healthy fat in products such as avocado, nuts, rapeseed oil, olive oil, fatty fish, as well as all kinds of sunflower, pumpkin seeds and others containing oils.

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  1. Focus on the diet

The first step to success will always be to follow the established diet. And we have to start with it. Otherwise, the whole laboriously arranged plan will be useless. The daily menu should not lack any of the necessary ingredients. Both protein and carbohydrates, as well as fat, which is also essential. If you have a problem with the self-management menu – use the help of a dietitian or personal trainer.

  1. Stop making hundreds of crunches

More does not mean better, and people insisted on doing exorbitant amounts of this exercise. When doing crunches, the main abdominal muscle works, everything is done in the same plane, and we can not see almost any progress. If you want the abdominal muscles really well, you need to change exercises and use a varied workout. Slimmers, pull-ups, push-ups, exercises with a bar, deadlift and kettl excuses will also not be indifferent for the expansion of our muscles. It should be remembered that the abdominal muscles should not be tortured every day, give them time to regenerate. An extremely important issue is also the fact that achieving amazing effects will be possible only when you bet on all parts of the abdomen, not just straight muscles.


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Posted on: December 5, 2018

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