5 reasons why you should eat soups


Soups are a good way to eat the recommended daily portion of vegetables.Soups are also an inseparable element of a slimming diet.Check why you should eat soup.


Soups are less and less frequent on our tables, it’s a shame because they are tasty and healthy, and it’s very simple and quick to prepare. Soups are also an inseparable part of a slimming diet. Check why you should eat soup.



Soups do not fatten

Soups are sated, but they do not fatten, so even a slimming diet should not force you to give up them.” A soup made of vegetable quinoa is sated but not calorific.The portion of vegetable soup (about 300 g) provides about 100 calories. The soups are caloric, for example, pasta, potatoes, rice, so they should be used in moderation, but if you only eat soup, it must be “spicy.” You can cook soup on stocked with lean meat or skinless poultry. , after cooking put a decoction into the fridge and, before heating, collect visible fat on the surface, replace cream or roux with skim milk or yogurt or a tablespoon of olive oil. The benefit of eating soup is that it fills the stomach and there is less room for a second dish, usually more calorific.


Soups provide many nutrients

In the soup we usually combine different ingredients – vegetables, meat, cereals, fats, thanks to which properly cooked soup is a source of essential and well-absorbed nutrients, a lot of potassium minerals (regulates water and blood pressure), phosphorus and calcium (building blocks of bones) and teeth), iron, magnesium, fluorine Provides vitamin E and beta-carotene (fight free radicals), organic acids and fiber (regulate digestion) Short boiled vegetable soups also contain a certain amount of vitamin C (strong antioxidant) and vitamins B ( In the soup on the meat broth there is protein and fat (it allows the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K). Soup with noodles, rice, groats provides carbohydrates (source of energy), and with the addition of milk – vitamin D.


Soups perfectly warm up

In summer, you can live on coolers, fruit soups or salads, in cold weather you have to eat something warm, because the cold food also chills the body in. As a result you quickly feel hunger, eat and gain weight, and cold it weakens the immune system, so people that does not eat anything warm all day long, it’s easier to catch infections.There is no better way to warm up on a frosty day like a plate of hot soup.If you add a lot of vegetables, onions or garlic to a decoction, you’ll also strengthen the immune system to fight viruses and bacteria.


Soups is a way to eat vegetables

To provide the body with the right amount of minerals and vitamins, eat 1/2 a day of vegetables, but we eat them too little .This applies mainly to children who generally do not like salads, and older people – often have problems with digestion or biting, For those who, for some reason or other, avoid vegetables, vegetable soups are a good option, provided that they are cooked briefly (about 15 minutes) and under cover (with the exception of cruciferous vegetables and intense green color) – then they retain most of the nutrients, the healthiest is the fresh soup, prepared just before serving.


Soups are easy to prepare

An unquestionable advantage of soup is that everyone can cook it regardless of the culinary skills.” Good wishes are good. “Contrary to popular opinion, it does not take much time – you can make the soup from frozen foods in a few minutes, if you add potatoes, porridge, pasta or rice and cooked egg or beans separately will be a valuable, nutritious meal.

Posted on: November 13, 2018

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