5 amazing tricks that help you lose weight


The basis for effective weight loss is a balanced diet and regular physical activity! Slimming is also a knowledge of tricks, some of them are surprising. I chose 5 amazing, but effective tricks for slimming. 


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1. Use blue plates 

Invest in blue plates! All the cold, non-nutritional tones of tableware will work. The blue color suppresses the appetite and makes you feel full faster. 


2. Light the vanilla candle 

The aroma is largely responsible for the sensation of taste. Plug your nose and eat the chocolate! Zero pleasure, right? A warm bath in the light of candles with a vanilla scent is pleasant. Why vanilla candles? The smell of vanilla affects the center of hunger in the brain and reduces the desire for sweets. An additional advantage of this aroma is the relaxing effect. 

3. Take photos of meals 

Use your cell to prepare a photographic diet log. It’s not about photos from restaurants being uploaded to Instagram, but about a tool that will allow you to notice mistakes in your diet. During the day, few people have time to note eaten meals. It takes a few seconds to take a picture. Take photos of everything, even a piece of chocolate and 3 grapes, so that you can analyze your menu in the evening. 


4. Avoid fat talk 

Do you sometimes talk to your friends about body imperfections? 

– Oh mother, but I have fat thighs! 

– Stop it, have you seen mine? Your are slim! 

-Sure! At least you have a gap between your thighs … 


You know it? These types of conversations are referred to by psychologists as fat talk and do not help anyone. Not a person who starts a conversation, or who refutes arguments criticizing himself. It is a situation in which both sides are lost. Deterioration of mood as a result of fat talk can lead to eating away! Try to avoid this type of exchange, and if you are a witness to fat talk, gently turn the conversation to another topic. 


5. Season it spicy 

Spicy spices such as pepper or fresh chili pepper temporarily accelerate the metabolism, increasing blood circulation. The sharpness you feel is not a taste, but a pain. The brain is trying to avoid pain, so eating spicy meals you feel faster. 


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Posted on: March 25, 2019

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