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The most important principles of safe dieting

The purpose of the reduction diet is to reduce weight. It should be remembered, however, that this objective should not be achieved at all costs. There are some rules you must follow to losing weight was not only effective, but also safe, but afterwards, there was no undesirable yo-yo effect.

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Dieting consistent with the blood group

As you know, an effective fight against obesity requires a diet adapted to individual needs of a person. When planning a menu you need to take into account first of all the weight, health, age and lifestyle. Some people argue, however, that the diet should also be adjusted to blood group. While not everyone agrees with this theory, however, it is worth explaining how people with different blood groups should eat.

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What to eat after a workout?

A proper meal before physical training allows you to properly prepare the body to intensive exercises. However, a proper nutrition after training is equally important, because the lack of certain nutrients can ruin effects of exercises and has a negative impact on well-being.

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Apple Vinegear – hot or not?

An excellent apple, from which you can prepare fantastic dishes and drinks, but not everyone knows that apples in the form of vinegar can cure Apple cider vinegar is called the "gift of nature". Nothing strange, because it not only improves the taste of dishes, but also affects the digestive…


Very important from a health point of view, it is not only the amount of body fat in the human body but its distribution. If two people weigh the same and have the same fat content, it does not mean that they are equally exposed to the negative effects of…

A light breakfast favors slimming!

Contradictions between dieters Breakfast is the subject of a dispute between dieters. Usually, opinions are divided as to what form it should have. Should it contain carbohydrates or be based only on proteins and fats. Opinions are divided as to whether they should be consumed or not, or what volume…

Brown rice is awesome! Check why!

What is the difference between brown and white rice? The first basic difference is the process of obtaining them. Brown rice is only partially shelled, making it contain much more vitamins and minerals than white rice, which is purified. Brown rice is considered an excellent source of carbohydrates, protein, and…

Healthy lifestyle – how to deal with it?

A properly balanced diet, physical activity and, of which we often forget, positive thinking - these are the elements that make up the definition of a healthy lifestyle. If we take good care of each of these aspects, we can say that we live in harmony with our bodies. A…

How to not lose motivation in diet?

The decision has been made - you are going on a diet! You want to change your eating habits in order to feel better, be healthier or look better. The first step is behind you-you have a ready food plan, a lot of enthusiasm and the prospect of success. And…

Food preservation

The addition of such substances prevents adverse changes such as such as bacterial and mold growth, darkening or caking. Preservatives are those that added to the product in small doses prolong its durability - they inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Manufacturers decide to add preservatives, because it extends the shelf…

Melatonin taken before training

As melatonin is commonly referred to as the sleep hormone, any other time of its use than late evening certainly seems to be controversial. Controversy does not mean, however, that taking melatonin in certain situations apart from supporting sleep will not be justified. Researchers have made the appropriate tests, so…

How to make pasta even better?

Pasta is considered to be food that does not suit our figure. During the reduction it is very often recommended to give up pasta in the diet. Meanwhile, research shows that incorporating pasta into the diet not only does not make us not fat, but also can help us lose…

10 fruits which you should eat on diet!

Summer is a period of carefree consumption of refreshing fruit. Cocktails, salads and juices dominate the tables. But which fruits have the least calories? As it turns out, the differences between them can be very large. Here is a list of ten low-calorie fruits that you can eat without much…