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The most important principles of safe dieting

The purpose of the reduction diet is to reduce weight. It should be remembered, however, that this objective should not be achieved at all costs. There are some rules you must follow to losing weight was not only effective, but also safe, but afterwards, there was no undesirable yo-yo effect.

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Dieting consistent with the blood group

As you know, an effective fight against obesity requires a diet adapted to individual needs of a person. When planning a menu you need to take into account first of all the weight, health, age and lifestyle. Some people argue, however, that the diet should also be adjusted to blood group. While not everyone agrees with this theory, however, it is worth explaining how people with different blood groups should eat.

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What to eat after a workout?

A proper meal before physical training allows you to properly prepare the body to intensive exercises. However, a proper nutrition after training is equally important, because the lack of certain nutrients can ruin effects of exercises and has a negative impact on well-being.

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Causes of excessive appetite

Many people decide to fight excessive kilos, but not everyone is able to persevere in their decisions.The most common reason for abandoning the reduction diet is excessive craving. An annoying appetite prompts you to snack and break other diet principles. It is worth paying attention to what may be the…

What role does omega 3 play in the reduction diet?

Unsaturated Omega 3 fatty acids have a huge impact on the health of the body and human well-being. They are the building material of our tissues and internal organs.They support the work of the cardiovascular system and are necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system.According to many people,…

Reduction diet and tendency to snack

Many people have problems stopping the consumption of additional products between meals. Snacking is one of the main reasons for gaining weight and long waiting for the appearance of weight loss effects.It is worth taking a closer look at this process and considering how it can be solved. First of…

The most important principles of safe weight loss

The purpose of a reducing diet is to reduce body mass.However, it should be remembered that this goal should not be implemented at any price.There are a few rules that must be followed so that slimming is not only effective, but also safe, but after its completion there was no…

How to eliminate a protruding belly?

There are lots of the body that are particularly susceptible to accumulating excessive body fat.Many people complain about problems with eliminating fat on the stomach.It is worth to pay attention to what may be the cause of the outgoing abdomen and how to deal with this problem. First of all,…

How does L-carnitine help in the fight against overweight?

Dietary supplements can be found on the list of dietary supplements that are recommended for people using a reduction diet. Many people do not know what this substance really is and what role it plays in the slimming process.It is worth taking a closer look at L-carnitine and realize why…

Sugar and its substitutes

There are many reduction diets, but there are rules that are repeated in many of them.Among dietary recommendations, the most common is the elimination of white sugar. People who are used to eating sweetened foods and drinking sweet tea and coffee are often looking for ways to replace sugar with…

The effect of weight loss on the skin condition

It would seem that the loss of unnecessary kilos means a general improvement of the external appearance.Unfortunately, many people experience another problem, which is sagging skin and stretch marks.It is therefore worth considering how you can take care of your skin after, and preferably during, the reduction diet. One of…

The effect of estrogen on the female figure composition

In the previous article, we said that all the most important difference between the response of our body to dietary stimulus, training in the aspect of the relationship are related to genetic programming and sex hormones, because specific female physiology develops under the influence of estrogen and progesterone along with…

Does the production process affect the quality of protein powder supplements?

Recent research published in the LWT - Food Science and Technology discusses how the quality of protein supplements can change during the manufacturing and storage process. Dietary supplements are becoming increasingly popular among amateur athletes and professionals.These supplements are used for various health reasons, including weight loss, building muscle mass,…