Yoga – a way to health, well-being and a slim figure


Yoga comes from Japan, but is gaining more and more popularity in all corners of the world, including Poland.This is related to the dissemination of knowledge about the benefits that can be derived from performing asn.Regular yoga has a very good effect on physical fitness and mental well-being. What’s more, it can help you keep a slim figure. Proponents of this form of activity ensure that by doing asanas for a long time you can lose up to 10 kg without changing the way you eat.Weight loss for people training yoga has several reasons.

Not just burning calories

Those who have never practiced yoga consider it undemanding, and therefore unfavorable for burning calories.In fact, asana exercise is associated with a lot of physical effort, and during the one-hour training you can burn 300 kcal. This does not apply only to experienced people who are able to perform complicated asanas. Intense calorie burning also occurs during the initial training.An equally important role is played by the influence of yoga on psychological well-being. Stress and mood swings often lead to eating too much food and reaching for fattening snacks.Asanas provide relaxation and thus counteract overeating caused by bad mood.What’s more, by doing them you can adjust the functioning of the endocrine system, which also has an effect on weight gain.During the yoga exercise the muscles work in an eccentric way, and as a result they increase their surface, which favors faster burning of fat tissue.


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Better resistance and lower pressure

Coming from India Yoga has about 5000 years of tradition, which is the best proof that it has a positive effect on human health and well-being.According to research conducted by Norwegian researchers, yoga strengthens immunity at the cellular level.What’s more, regular exercise of asanas affects the expression of 111 genes in immune cells.Another effect of practicing yoga is to regulate the pressure.As a result, the risk of a stroke, stroke and other problems resulting from hypertension is reduced. Like any other sport, yoga improves blood circulation and provides better oxygenation of the body.It increases cardiovascular capacity and improves the functioning of the respiratory system.It is perfect for older or obese people.

Flexible and strong muscles and strong bones

Yoga improves the condition of muscles and bones.Muscles become more flexible and stronger, which reduces the problem of joint pain and reduces the risk of injury and injury. Asanas for bone strengthening exercises, which means a reduction in the likelihood of fractures and the development of osteoporosis. Yoga fosters shaping the correct posture and improves the condition of the spine.

Mental well-being

The mentioned effect of yoga on psychological well-being is important not only because of the relationship between mood and weight gain.Regular exercises help in the fight against neurosis, drugs and depression.Yoga relaxes and thus fights insomnia, which is why it is recommended in the case of sleep disorders on the nervous background.At the same time, it reduces the risk of health problems caused by stress.

How to start practicing yoga?

People interested in enjoying the benefits of practicing yoga have two options.The first of them is enrolling in the course, while the second one – doing independent exercises at home.Choosing the latter solution, it is worth to familiarize yourself with asana sets for beginners, which can be found on many websites.It is important to familiarize yourself with the technique of implementation.The best results can be obtained through daily training.At the beginning, 15-minute sessions are enough.Before starting the exercise, put on a comfortable outfit to ensure full comfort.They should be made of natural, airy materials. It is possible to purchase special yoga footwear, but this expenditure is unnecessary, because it usually works barefoot.The room where the asanas are made should be well ventilated.Exercises are performed in silence or with the sounds of relaxing music.Therefore, turn off the TV and find a place where no noises will reach.

In conclusion, yoga is an effective way to keep a slim figure.Asanas improve mental well-being and physical condition, and because of the ability to do exercises at home practicing yoga does not require any costs.Yoga can be practiced regardless of age or physical condition.It is therefore worth thinking about her when working on a slim figure, and also after the end of weight loss, when the goal is to preserve the weight obtained.


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Posted on: January 2, 2019

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