With us you will not get fat in autumn


When the outside temperature goes down, many people start to taste the nutritious food that they can warm up, but also add a few folds here and there. Check which delicacies are threatening your line.


Fatty and unhealthy

Chips, nachos, pizza, wings and ribs – these are snacks that often land on the table when the men sit down to watch the match. Their high calorific value in combination with the inactive lifestyle “enriched with hours spent in front of the televisor is a straight way to autumn-winter weight gain. What to eat so that it would be tasty and healthy? We offer vegetables with low-fat dips. We also advise you to put a portion of food on the plate and stop at it instead of using the buffet, reaching for food indefinitely.


Long October Fest

It is true that the beer feast is once a year, however, the charateristic dishes for him do not disappear from our menus when the party is over. Sausages, potato salads and beer are delicacies of many men. Too often eaten will not make it easier to keep a slim figure. Anyone who can not refuse them should control the size of eaten and drunk portions.


Bomb chili

There are many recipes for chili, and some of them cause that a portion of this dish can contain up to 500 kcal. The same applies to many meat dishes, especially when they contain fatty sausages or a large amount of fatty cheese. After all, it is not worth giving up chili, but only choose a recipe for a lighter dish. It is enough to use lean beef, a large amount of beans and vegetables and lean cheese.


Suspicious soups

Beef strogonow, cream of broccoli or onion, both with cheese, is a tempting proposition for someone who often freezes. However, the cream, cheese or fatty meat contained in them increases the calorie content of the dishes. If you want to care for the line, do not reach too often. Rather, choose soups cooked on vegetable broth, without the addition of cream and flour.


Hot drinks

A cup of hot chocolate, a glass of eggnog or rum tea is a tempting proposition for an autumn evening. It is also a way to increase the calorie diet. Even in cocoa prepared at home, without the addition of cream, in the cup there is up to 190 kcal. Drinks served in bars and restaurants can be even more calorific. To warm up healthily and low in calories, drink green or white tea without sugar – zero calories and plenty of antioxidants.


Candy or piskus

Whether we like it or not, children love playing Halloween, wandering from neighbor to neighbor and asking for sweets. Maybe not everywhere in Poland children play so much, but in many places this is how it is. If you do not have children, and you have sweets at home, when a group of dressed up kids gets to your door, give them all the sweet snacks. If your children in Halloween gather a grid of goodies, give them reasonably to them and refrain from eating their prey.


Pasta and cheese

A dish based on pasta and sprinkled with cheese is a quick way to prepare a warm meal that tastes good for children and adults. However, this is not a low calorie dish, and the addition of ham or sausages will increase the energy value of such a dish. So use lean cheese to make it, and replace some of the ham or sausages with vegetables. The taste will still be perfect, and the dish will be lighter.


Mashed potato

The traditional recipe for puree is a recipe for getting a body. Butter, sour cream or full-fat milk make mashed potatoes come up to 240 kcal. When such mashed potatoes are poured with a thick sauce, its caloricity may increase to 300 kcal. When making mashed potatoes, use sparingly butter, replace the fat milk with a leaner one and let go of the sauce.


Hot vegetables with lard

Cooked vegetables are healthy and nutritious. When we pour them a sauce, a breadcrumbs with butter, we will dust them with cheese, their calorific value will increase fourfold. Is it worth it?


Apples and nuts

And apples and nuts are healthy products that very easily turn into a caloric bomb apple pie with whipped cream or a ball of ice cream, nuts in honey. In order not to fat, healthy products in an unhealthy setting need to be carefully dispensed with. It is worth remembering this by choosing a snack or dessert.


Moderation is the key to success

If you eat 100 kcal more each day than you use them, you will lose 5 kg after a year. Therefore, it is worth controlling the quantity and quality of food

– control the size of the portions you eat

– drink alcohol in moderation

– eat lots of vegetables without the addition of sauces, fat and sugar.

And one more time to regularly take physical activity!

Posted on: November 5, 2018

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