Why it is worth to run?



Running is a sport that is very popular among people of all ages. Its popularity can be seen even watching photos and films of organized from time to time marathons. There are several reasons why jogging attracts so high interest.

Firstly, you can run anywhere. This sport does not require special equipment or rooms. According to runners, it is the best to do jogging in the park or in the woods, but you can also run well on the usual sidewalk.

Thers is another important advantage of the jogging linked to this, namely low costs. You need only a sports outfit to go running. You don’t have to to buy any equipment or spend money on tickets to sporting facility.

Running can also improve physical fitness and help to sculp a nice silhouette. Those who are interested in getting rid of excessive kilos may dispense with changes in diet, if they run 30 kilometers a week. Jogging also strengthens muscles, especially legs.

People running regularly also point such benefits as reducing stress and improving brain functioning. Just 20 minutes of running is enough to improve your ability to concentrate, so you should take a short break for jogging, for example, while studying for an exam.

The above benefits without a doubt should encourage to begin regular jogging today. The first positive effects will appear after a few days.

Sport in the spring-summer season

The spring is the time when many people start to play sports. It is the effects of good weather conditions, and often the desire to improve a silhouette before coming summer and associated relaxation on the beach. Fortunately, there are many sports that can be practiced just in the spring and summer.

In mild weather, you can choose especially those sports that can be practiced in the open air. Running, cycling or nordic walking are disciplines that deserve special attention. In the spring you do not have to worry about falls during sports like these, which is not uncommon in the winter, due to the ice surface.

Care must be taken in case in the case of heats. When temperatures are high you can not forget about the appropriate headgear and dermal sunscreen that protects skin from burning. During hot days it is very important to properly hydrate the body, so you should drink plenty of fluids, especially water.

Spring is also a good time to think about purchasing a pool voucher. You should take care of your swimming skills before holidays, if you have a plan to stay at the water. We can not forget that swimming is not only interesting hobby, but also a skill that sometimes can save somebody’s live. In the spring, it much easier to motivate yourself to visit the pool, because sunny days encourage such activity.

Of course, ine the spring you should also think about team sports and encouraging your friends to joint such an activity.

The choice of sportswear

A physical activity should occupy an important place in the life of every human being. Sport provides a better well-being, both physical and mental. However, you should remember to prepare for it, and most of all about choosing the right clothes.

Sports outfit should be adapted to the chosen discipline. For most sports shoes are of particular importance. Wrong selection of them is a common cause of injuries, especially during a mountain trip or running. Sports shoes should be comfortable, well-fitting, light and airy. The most common recommendations are good sneakers. For trekking, it is recommended trekking shoes. In case of doubt regarding the selection of such footwear, it is worth to ask for advice workers of a sports shop.

Athlete’s costume should be made of airy materials. It can not in any way restrict your movements. Suited tracksuits and t-shirts would be perfect. A good solution are also bexer blouses. People who practice outdoor sports should also have a solid raincoat. During the rain you should avoid costumes made of materials which do not discharge moisture, such as cotton. Such clothes under the influence of rain will become heavier and heavier, making it difficult to continue the activity.

An important element of the costume of an athlete is also a head covering. In hot weather it is mandatory to wear something that protects head against intense sun, while in winter it is useful to wear, for example, a termoactive cap.

Safety during training

The physical activity is for many people the source of real pleasure. Although the sport has a positive impact on our health and well-being, we must not forget that some mistakes can make training effects will be counterproductive.

One of the most common mistakes made by novice athletes is the lack of warm-up or wrong execution of it. Bad muscles warm up often causes painful injuries. Therefore, it is necessary to warm up properly.

The safety during training you can also ensure through a proper selection of sportswear. Improper shoes or no protective gear are another cause of injuries, which can be easily avoided.

High risk is also associated with the wrong exercise choice. Some wish to quickly achieve very good results, which leads to overtraining. Workouts should be planned sensibly and it is the best to consult your plans with someone more experienced.

Another important issue is nutritional and dietary supplements. People practicing sports often use this type of preparations, but not everyone knows how to properly select them. Products such as pre-workout boosters, whether creatine, can help to boost the effectiveness of training, but only if they are well chosen and correctly applied. Also in this issue you should consult an experienced trainer or nutritionist.

Adhering to these guidelines will allow you to train safe and avoid many problems.

A physical activity and a diet

People choosing a physical activity do not always give enough attention to their diet. Meanwhile, the diet has a significant impact on our well-being, as well as on the effects of training.

The subject of a healthy diet should start from water. 60-70% of the adult human body is the water. During doing sports water loss is much faster than when the body is at rest. Without supplements these losses can lead to dehydration. Sentences about exactly how much water should you drink each day are divided. Most often it is said that a man needs 2,5 liters of water per day, while 20% of the body gets from food. In the case of intense efforts demand for water increases. It is also important to water the organism regularly, every few hours throughout the day. A serious mistake is, therefore, to drink plenty of fluids in the morning and evening.

A body’s need for nutrients depends not only on the type of physical activity, but also on the age and state of health. In order to compose a perfect menu you should consult a nutritionist. During this visit you can also raise the issue of nutrients and dietary supplements. Currently, athletes have a choice of many such preparations. For sale available are, among other, training boosters, muscle mass and slimming supplements. These preparations are safe, yet effective, but they must be appropriately chosen.

Active holiday for the whole family

Not all people appreciate the benefits that are associated with active recreation. Researches show that a physical activity is most appreciated by those who have been invited to it from an early age. Encouraging can not be confused with forcing, which usually brings the opposite effect. It is the best to encourage children to play sports through a common physical activity.

The active holiday with family is without a doubt a much better proposition than watching a television or a visit to the mall. There are many activities you can do with a spouse and children. An interesting proposition are, for example, cycling combined with a picnic in nature.

Cycling can also be replaced by a long walk. For the picnic, it is worth to take, for example, a ball, paddle or shuttlecock. However, remember not to show negative emotions when a child can not cope with something as well as the rest of the family.

Driving or walking speed should be tailored to the capabilities of the weakest member of the expedition. You should also avoid selecting too difficult tasks. At the beginning children should associate physical activity with a lot of fun, not the effort exceeding their capabilities. Otherwise, the desire for an active holiday can quickly pass away.

Posted on: August 30, 2018

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