Why is it worth eating tangerines?


Mandarins are one of the most popular and most-liked citrus fruits in Poland. They are imported from countries with tropical and subtropical climate, which is why we have access to them throughout the year. It is worth using this because they contain substances that are important for your health, and also make it easier to keep a slim figure.


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In mandarins, among others nobiletina. Research conducted at one of the American universities proved that this substance supports the fight against obesity, and also shows a number of other health-promoting properties. The effect on weight reduction is related to the prevention of fatty deposition in the liver. Nobiletin blocks this process by blocking the genes responsible for the accumulation of fat, as well as stimulating those genes that are responsible for its burning. Mandarins are an excellent substitute for sweets. They have a sweet taste, and in 100 grams they contain only 53 calories, so they can be part of a reduction diet. What’s more, nobiletina counteracts the development of type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis and other disorders of the cardiovascular system that may contribute to stroke or heart attack. In children with known hypercholestorelemia after inclusion in the diet of two cups of mandarin juice, the lipid profile improved. It is worth noting that taking nobiletine allows you to maintain the proper level of triglycerides, cholesterol, insulin and glucose even if you use a diet rich in fat and simple sugars. There are also hypotheses, according to which regular consumption of mandarins may in some situations reduce the risk of developing liver cancer. This applies above all to people suffering from hepatitis C.
This is related to the occurrence of cryptoxanthin in mandarins, i.e. compounds with antioxidant activity. Some researchers even suggest that anti-cancer may also affect other organs, such as the stomach and esophagus. Cryptoxantine can also be an important element in the prevention of senile dementia and other cognitive impairment associated with old age. This substance prevents damage to brain cell DNA. Mandarins are also a source of vitamins A, B1 and B6, C and magnesium, potassium, calcium and manganese.
When it’s best to eat fruit, do not put on weight!


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Although not all pro-health properties of mandarins have been confirmed, however, based on the facts already established, it can be concluded that these fruits are good not only for people who are trying to get rid of excessive kilograms. It is worth to reach for them regularly.

Posted on: December 27, 2018

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