Why do not you build an extraordinary silhouette?


You are slim, not as big as you want and not as strong as you wish, you train with stubbornness, you try to “eat something and spend hours thinking about how it would be if you became a poster made of large, strong and cut. 

Why, despite efforts, hectoliters of sweat and often extreme effort, are you still slim, too small, too skinny too weak? Do you suffer from bigorks? 


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No, you just do not You probably make one of the errors listed below, or maybe more than one? Maybe even all That’s why you will not live up to your dreams and expectations unless you endure. 

Ok, so you want to be big, that’s why you read this article and with a lot of probability, when you try to avoid the mistakes listed by me, you will achieve the intended goal 

So what are you doing wrong and what can be improved to make your silhouette better, bigger, more massive and you stronger, faster, more efficient (cross out needless) 

Before we get to the heart of some obvious obviousness 

In order to build muscles, you must not only give them a boost by training, but also provide the right amount of food in the right amount and make your kcal balance positive (that is, the amount of kcal delivered to the body was greater than the body burns in metabolic processes). 

Mhmm, it looks like a simple matter, but it probably is not. 



Why am I doing it wrong? 

1. The first and most important reason is eating too little kcal, unfortunately research shows that training people are not only unable to assess the amount of time spent on training but also how much and what exactly they consume. Well, yes, but I know it (you will think in spirit). You are sure? Then why are you still skinny? 

Our bodies are subject to physical and thermodynamic laws, for known reasons we are interested in thermodynamic principles concerning our body. If you do not deliver enough energy to the system (your body), your body is not only unable to grow (anabolism) but catabolism can occur (weight loss and / or strength). You think about it, I start to eat everything that is in the fridge or what comes up in the hand. 

Not so soon and here we come to the next point 


2. Not everything gold shines and not everything that is food is appropriate to develop an extraordinary figure. The road to big muscles is neither simple nor easy, in this article you will not get simple and easy advice but these are effective. You must be aware that everything you put in your mouth causes a hormonal response in your body depending on what you have incorporated in your menu. A person like you must only eat high-quality products (forget about kebabs and big mac). You must first of all take care of wholesome protein (derived from meat, eggs, fish), wholesome and healthy fats (derived from olive oil, linseed oil, nuts, North Sea fish, avocado or linseed) as well as carbohydrates (groats, rice, oatmeal, very important vegetables and fruits). Avoid margarines, pastries, sweets, sugary beverages, junk food, crisps). You already know that you have to eat a lot of full-value food, but what other mistakes do I make? 


3. Another frequently made mistake (not only by beginners) This is to avoid planned meals. Well, unfortunately, it often happens that for various reasons we do not eat planned meals, you will probably find 1001 excuses, but all of them are not enough for me. Just plan your diet for 5-7 meals and stick to them without leaving any, for you and your muscles counts every kcal and each full-blown product that you provide according to the diet 

And remember breakfast and meals around training is your most important meals every day .. 


4. Another mistake is known to all diets typically bodybuilding, meaning chicken breast and rice. Come on, the poorness of the menu chosen is one of the biggest beginner mistakes. Remember never again chicken + rice diet 

Take care that each meal contains vegetables and / or fruits, various sources of wholesome protein and healthy fats and carbohydrates (around training sessions simple and complex, only complex ones with a low or medium glycemic index during the day) 


5. Well, we’ve got quite a lot of mistakes, but it’s not over yet. Another serious mistake is relying on a 3-time daily schedule (ie breakfast, lunch and dinner). For a person building an extraordinary figure is not enough, you have to lean on 5-7 meals during the day, for example, breakfast, breakfast II, dinner, pre-workout meal, meal after training, dinner, snack for 30 minutes before going to sleep. Of course, this number may be closer to 5 meals but make sure you eat every 2.5-3.5 h, kcal and micro and macro elements must be delivered throughout the day, their number may be higher than average for breakfast and after training. Remember, do not rely on feelings of satiety or hunger, simply arrange the daily dose of kcal for 5-7 meals at the same time (+/- 30 min) and stick with it. 


That’s it, but sometimes it’s that much. Mostly, it would seem to be trivial mistakes, your efforts at the gym are crossed out, I wish you would not commit them and achieve all your dreams. 


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Posted on: February 19, 2019

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