Where to get motivated to lose weight? 5 proven ways


It is no accident that the largest siege of gyms and fitness clubs takes place at the beginning of January.Similar situation takes place just before holidays, when the holiday season is approaching.The siege, however, ends as soon as it began.The motivation to lose weight is very strong, but often not too long.How to deal with the lack of motivation and how to motivate yourself again?Here are 5 reliable ways.

  1. Watch the changes of other people

The impossible does not exist – it will certainly come to you when you see the spectacular transformation of many people.Losing dozens of pounds, getting a perfect figure, getting rid of folds on the stomach or cellulite from the legs – everything is a matter of work.Hard work, let’s add.However, nothing prevents you from succeeding.Watch the changes of other people and you will gain extra fire in the fight for a better figure.

  1. Get a training partner

Let’s not hide, the importance of the partner is very large.The fact that we have with us a person who shares a common goal with us is extremely motivating.It is mutual wandering, supporting in difficult times, and even competing.By the way, it can be a great way to recover after ahard day or improve your relationship with a loved one.Nowadays, when it is so hard to find time for yourself, a joint training session with a friend or colleague can be a great excuse to meet.And it’s very regular!Just remember to celebrate together after joint successes.Here, of course, we blink.


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  1. Plan and check your own effects

How did it go?Even the longest journey consists of small steps?Let’s put the bananas aside and focus on slimming down.It will be more effective, more enjoyable and more rewarding if you set up a plan.Do not expect, however, that in a short time you will lose a few tens of kilograms and achieve a 10% fat level.It is better to slim down using the small steps method, achieving smaller but frequent successes.Plan to lose weight, eg, two kilograms or reduce the waist by 3 centimeters.You will complete this plan very quickly and you will be able to prepare another one, equally realistic.Do not forget about regular (but not too frequent!) Weight control and body circumferences.The mirror can be deceptive and you may find that you simply do not notice the effects of slimming at first glance.The sewing centimeter leaves no illusions.It’s also a good idea to check the fat content in your body.The measurement of the body composition will be done on a specialized scale using electrodes.

  1. Learn about slimming

Perhaps your discouragement to lose weight has come from a trivial cause, who knows?There are many myths on the subject of weight loss and, unfortunately, new ones appear.Drinking disgusting mixes, the last meal at 18 o’clock, cleansing posts are just the beginning of a long list of nonsense that can take away the motivation to lose weight.By acquiring scientific knowledge about fat burning, you will not only learn how to do it safely and effectively, but also gain additional motivation.After all, nothing motivates us as much as knowing that our methods work and have scientific foundations.

  1. Inform everyone that you are losing weight

Yes, it’s not a joke!Sometimes it’s worth to take the heaviest guns.In the case of weight loss it will inform a wide range of people that you start slimming.You can simply tell your family and friends or, for example, set up a blog about slimming.Feeling of defeat or shame is very strong, so in moments of crisis will certainly make you leave your thoughts of surrendering without a fight.Just remember to not overdo it.Slimming should be a conscious decision leading to improved health, figure, and well-being.Doing something against each other, and worse – for others – is certainly not a good idea.


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Posted on: December 17, 2018

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