What is the optimal level of body fat?


Fashion for being fit makes us strive for the lowest level of body fat.We want our muscles to be scratched as well as possible, the waist as narrow as possible, and the vascularization has grown under the skin.Such a silhouette is associated with a healthy lifestyle, good condition and gains supporters day by day.However, is the low level of body fat healthy?Is it worth trying to get rid of fat at all costs?What is the role of adipose tissue in the human body?This we will deal with in today’s article.

Why is BMI lying?

Not so long ago, one of the most popular determinants of optimal weight was the BMI index.He took into account height, weight, sex and age.On this basis, many people determined whether it falls within the norm or whether it is overweight, obese or underweight.

Today, fortunately, we use this indicator less and less often.In addition to being very imprecise, it does not take into account the percentage of body composition.In weight loss it is important not to lose weight, but to lose unnecessary body fat.People with a high muscularity and low fat levels, with an athletic build, can weigh a lot.

Paradoxically, in their case, the BMI index can inform about overweight, which is obviously not true.For this reason, when analyzing the structure of the body, it is necessary to take into account not only the weight, but also the measurement of the body composition.Then we will find out what percentage of the body is composed of muscle, adipose tissue, skeletal system, etc.


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What is the role of adipose tissue?

Fatty tissue certainly does not have a good press.It is associated with overweight, obesity, something unnecessary.However, we must know that … we could not live without it.It corresponds to, among othersfor thermoregulation of the body, affects the metabolism, immune system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, protects muscles against injuries and provides a backup energy storage for the body.It is also essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system, especially for the brain.Not without reason, for example, omega-3 fatty acids are consumed for improving cognitive skills.

What is the optimal fat content in the body?

Before we give specific values, it is worth explaining one woman usually have a larger (percentage) body fat content in the composition of the body.This is a norm and does not mean inferior condition or form.The norm also increases, both in men and women, with age.For a man aged 20 years, the norm will be 15-19% of body fat, and in a man aged 50 – 22-25%.It is assumed, however, that the most popular values are

Men 15-20% Women 20-25%

However, these are values that do not necessarily translate into the attractiveness of the figure.A lot depends onfrom deployment of adipose tissue.It is different in the case of an even subcutaneous fat distribution, and differently in the case of abdominal obesity, which often occurs in combination with very thin limbs.It is not worth focusing so much on the percentage of body fat, but rather on the recomposition of the body.

Is it worth burning fat tissue at all costs?

There is no denying that slim figure dominates in our culture in the canon of beauty.The body fat content at 10-13% (in men) and 15-17% in women is typical for athletic people who boast a fit figure.However, it is worth knowing that going below these values does not necessarily have to bring good results.With too much dehydration, the muscles can become flattened, less rounded, and the silhouette itself – less attractive.It is also often mentioned that a heavily cut body does not look healthy.

Another thing is to keep this figure.Bodybuilders, who during the reduction period can go down with the fat level to 4-6%, occupy it with a terrible frame of mind, lack of strength, backache diet, and often also health.Shortly after bodyfights, they immediately take on water, fat and kilos.The body of each of us has a set point fat, that is, the fat level at which she feels best and strives to maintain it.This is one of the reasons that some of us are naturally slim, while others tend to put off fat.


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The most important thing is to find a golden mean

Considering all these factors, it is not worth focusing too much on the issue of fat levels and burning it at any price.Although, of course, it is worth keeping a slim figure and holding adipose tissue in check, what may be more difficult to measure is our subjective feelings about the appearance of the figure.To sum up, slim down to the moment when you feel best, you feel attractive, and keeping the figure is not very difficult.Slimming is not only a marathon in which we use hard training, a strict diet and we use fat burning supplements, but – more importantly – a lifestyle change that will prevent return to the starting point.

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We hope that we have managed to encourage people to work on their figure in a rational, risk-free way.We guarantee that systematic slimming will give much better results than rapid loss of kilograms.If you experience stagnation during weight loss, use slimming aids.We keep our fingers crossed for your success!


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Posted on: December 17, 2018

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