The role of vegetables lies primarily in the content of minerals, vitamins and easily digestible sugars.

Vegetables are widely used in the kitchen.

They are used for preparing salads, cocktails, soups, sauces, casseroles and many other delights.

Many vegetables are used in the prevention of diseases, and healing effects, so it is worth eating them every day.

Here are some of the most commonly eaten vegetables

Cabbage is considered a healing vegetable.We use it in

Sauerkraut juice has a wealth of vitamin C, improves digestion and appetite.Fresh cabbage juice is recommended as a healing agent in gastric and duodenal ulcers

Onions have strong anticoagulant and antiatherosclerotic properties.In addition, it perfectly disinfects the mouth and digestive tract.Prevents constipation.It is a valuable aphrodisiac for men in theirforties, because it contains a lot of zinc, which in turn prevents the prostate, or hypertrophy of the prostate gland.

Garlic has a strong bactericidal effect.He is considered by many to be a natural antibiotic.Helpful for such ailments as inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, runny nose, and flu.People who struggle with hypertension should consume garlic regularly, because it lowers blood pressure, as does grapefruit.Wanting to keep youth, let’s eat garlic, because it allows you to keep youth and vitality for a long time.

Radish – its tuber contains a lot of bactericidal substances, minerals and vitamins.Radish increases the secretion of digestive juice, helps in intestinal peristalsis and excretes excess cholesterol.

I recommend radish juice with honey, which helps fight against pus, bloating and neuralgia.

Tomato contains a lot of carotene and vitamin C. Tomatoes contain malic and citric acid and in a small amount oxalic acid.

Carrots contain a lot of carotene, folic acid, and many easily digestible sugar.Carrots have plenty of potassium salts.It is a vegetable especially recommended for children.

Parsley and celery are vegetables that contain a wealth of minerals, especially parsley.These vegetables contain a lot of potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.They are rich in B vitamins and carotene.


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Life processes and vegetables

There is a whole chemical laboratory in the human body in the form of valuable elements.We take all the elements from food, many from vegetables.Let’s look at the most important one that we find in our vegetables.

Juices from our vegetables

Who does not like to drink fresh vegetable juice?It is worth taking care to drink juices made by yourself from fresh fruit.This is because they are the most valuable, without the addition of preservatives and sugar.Juices should be squeezed immediately before drinking.Only these juices have the most vitamins, enzymes and mineral salts.How much to drink juice a day?It’s best to have two glasses of juice a day, whether it’s fruit juice or vegetable juice.Remember that fresh and properly squeezed juices are the best food that we can provide our body.Therefore, let’s drink vegetable juices and enjoy vitality and health.

Vegetables in our kitchen

Vegetables are invaluable in our diet.They contain a lot of beneficial effects on our health, so it is worth to diversify with them daily menu.Raw, baked, cooked or dried are simply delicious.Let’s not forget about the richness of fiber contained in vegetables.Fiber is very much needed for us, as we have already written about in our articles.


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Posted on: January 15, 2019

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