Unfortunate connection – doomed to failure


The most common connection we see in splits is Belaras + Legs.

On sfd, we are rolling the subject of this without a sensible distribution every day – sometimes several times. 

On other (some) forums this connection is popular, used – and seemingly good. 


How is it really? 


Well, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when planning a plan. 

There are heroes connecting legs with their backs – but they are probably from a different clay than we are. 


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So why can not we train our shoulders with our legs, nay with any other muscle party? 



Maybe a bit of anatomy. We include our lowerbody 

-Cororough (m. Straight/ extensive lateral / extensive intermediate) 

-Dubulated, semi-sinewy, semi-membranous 

-Przywodziciele / abductor 

– My buttocks 

-Sociatus syndrome (ventriculose, obidate, tibialis front ..) 

That’s rounded-there are even smaller particles – but we will not be a trifle.


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Our 1 part (‘four’) is similar in size to the chest – even bigger. A good 3 times 4 exercises. 

Our 2nd part (‘the back of the thigh’) is a size larger than the shoulders (I’m guessing a little) – some 2 times 3 exercises. 

Our 3rd part (‘calves’) to stimulate each part to grow-about 3 in. 


(Buttocks / adders / abductors have omitted – they cooperate strongly with the above mentioned parts, so in most cases you do not need direct work) 

So, the cosmic volume. Sometimes you have to divide the leg training for 2 days – because we can not do it on one.

We need 60 to 90 minutes to do these exercises. After that time, cortisol jumps up hard – the rest of the training can be ‘tedious work’. 

But volume is not everything – there are other factors. 

In training the arsenal of leg exercises we have the most powerful weight-squat and deadlift – where sometimes we reach 2/3 times the weight of the body on the series.

It’s a bomb for our nervous system – that’s on fire. Sometimes after doing these exercises, you want to ‘pack up and leave’. 


An ordinary person sometimes has problems with crawling to the locker room – and you will still find strength for another party? 

Either your legs will suffer, or another muscle – there is no option not to treat your legs.


Posted on: January 24, 2019

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