Trick your brain – how to feel full by eating less?

Properly planned reducing diet should enable satisfying your appetite fully. Unfortunately, people accustomed to eating substantial meals may have problems with getting used to eating appropriate food portions. One of the solutions of this problem is applying tricks that will deceive your brain.

Smaller dishes

The easiest way is to change a large plate to a small one. A slice of bread on a large plate seems very small, but when it is placed on a tiny plate, it looks a bit bigger. The same happens in case of other meals. If after placing a portion of food on a large dish you see that it is half empty, you subconsciously draw the conclusion that you have not enough food to fully satisfy your appetite. You will look at a smaller dish differently, when it is packed with food. Its optical illusion, called Delboeuf illusion. The relationship between the size of the plate and the amount of food intake has been confirmed in many experiments.

A glass of water before a meal

Drinking appropriate amounts of liquids is essential for the organism to function properly. However, drinking water may not only satisfy thirst, but also limit your appetite. It is a good idea to drink a glass of water a quarter before a meal to partially fill your stomach. In such a situation, you may satisfy your appetite with smaller food amount.

Eat slowly

The feeling of satiation appears immediately after a meal. Fast food consumption will not make your hunger disappear immediately, not to mention other negative effects of eating in rush. If you eat slowly, the time between swallowing the last bite and the appearance of satiation will be shorter. It means that the risk that you will reach for a second helping or a forbidden snack is lower.

In case of problems with excessive appetite, you may try supplements that limit appetite. Hunger constitutes one of the most frequent causes of failing to follow the dietary rules, therefore it is worth to use all the possible ways to fight it and not to inhibit the process of weight loss.

Posted on: August 21, 2018

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