Training for reduction and sculpture


Reduction training is often erroneously associated with training for sculpture. These are not explicit dates and should not be used interchangeably. Such use is evidence of a lack of knowledge. This article will provide you with all the information about the differences between training for reduction and training for sculpture.

Training for reduction – main assumptions

The training aimed at reducing subcutaneous fat is based primarily on specific assumptions.

The first of these is the presence of the need for healthy eating, and the daily or weekly caloric balance should be negative. This means a caloric balance that minimizes the percentage of the glycemic index contained in food products to the minimum needed. Therefore, the fewer carbohydrates contained in carbohydrates, the healthier for our diet – and ultimately for the work that we must put into training.


The second is the use of strength training, preferably based on a small number of repetitions and large weights, which further protects the muscles from degradation.

The third assumption is the presence of training that strikes typical fat tissue. You can choose between aerobic or HIIT training, so workouts based on the intensity of exercise. The dynamics and intensity of performed exercises effectively enforce the stimulation of metabolism, which results in the mentioned fat burning.

The number of trainings depends on the individual preferences of the person exercising and, above all, their experience. The obvious issue is that the person starting their training will spend less time in the training room than someone who has been practicing regularly for 5 years. Nevertheless, the motivation and purpose often remain the same. That is why the right approach and knowledge are conducive to effective development towards expanding training experience and related to proper nutrition. Adequate nutrition also means tangible benefits that go in parallel in hand with the right training.

The daily menu increases the amount of protein consumed, and then relatively systematically reduces the number of fats in meals. However, all the time, try to keep the highest amount of carbohydrates, which are a great source of energy. It is worth keeping them in check, so as not to lead to excessive body saturation with them, as a result of which we can lead to deficiencies in weight loss. Additional sugar is not needed. It is advisable to drink increased amounts of liquids. Water and the appropriate isotonic drinks will improve the metabolic process, this also stimulates the largest organ (or liver) to work even better, which will translate into the proper functioning of the digestive system. The combination of an appropriate menu with providing the body with the appropriate amount of water will also positively translate into the entire process of reducing excess body fat. The skin will become firmer, the heart will be more efficient – and thus it will translate into even more energy of the body. It is a package that opens the gates to being fit.

Nutrients that should be used in addition to whey protein isolate are BCAA, i.e. branched-chain amino acids and creatine forming a part of muscle tissue, administered in powdered form. They also allow you to burn fat and maintain muscle mass.

Training for sculpture – the main assumption

Training for sculpture is a very intense method of further enhancing the quality of trained muscle mass. Its premise is not only to burn to the maximum low level of body fat but above all to exclude muscles, emphasize their hardness and definition.


The training aimed at highlighting the guidelines mentioned above is based primarily on a large number of individual sessions during the week. In other words, the amount of strength training can reach up to 5-6 grueling sessions for 7 days! The point is to make the muscle stimulated to the extent that the amount of muscle tension stimulation is balanced with the additional controlled burning of the excess covering the muscle of the adipose tissue.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that in his plan, it is advisable to use isolated exercises, that is, exercises that involve only one muscle part to work, focusing on the work of one muscle – during which also only one joint work. So you can use machines with success. The number of repetitions in the series increases from 12 to 25 moves, while for small groups it is advisable to perform from 7 to 9 series, and large ones from 10 to 12. The rest time between exercises or series also decreases.

It is allowed to use methods that increase the intensity of training as combined series, Trixie (triple series), superseries or giant series. It is also obligatory to perform cardio training after finishing strength training.

Nutrition is based primarily on the increased supply of protein to 2.2 – 2.3 grams per kilogram of body weight (which is to prevent the degradation of muscle tissue) and on relatively high amounts of fat. They not only provide better stabilization of muscle mass, high hormone management but also provide energy in this case. Carbohydrates are cut in turn. It is advisable to consume increased amounts of mineral water.

A great move will be the use of anti-catabolic nutrients like BCAA or creatine. In the case of BCAA acids, their supply to the body will protect the muscles from excessive degeneration. Many people also use preparations to improve fat burning, so-called FAT burner.


Training for sculpture is primarily more rigorous than weight loss training. Above all, there is an increased number of training, other values concerning the number of series for particular parties, and the number of repetitions in each series. Machines can be used. In turn, in the training for reduction, relying on free weights is much more desirable.


The training should be heavy, but to preserve the largest muscle mass, it takes place with the participation of heavyweights and a relatively small number of repetitions of 5-8 in the series, and up to a maximum of 12.

The difference in diet is important. When training for the reduction of subcutaneous adipose tissue, calories from fats are usually cut off first, while caloric deficit during training for sculpture results when the carbohydrate content is reduced in the diet. It is also worth mentioning the consumption of vegetables. Vegetables are a perfect stimulant for overeating fat. It should be remembered, however, that the most effective are those vegetables that can be consumed immediately after washing – and therefore raw vegetables.

Only in this form are the most saturated with food values in the form of vitamins and minerals, which in turn have a very positive effect on digestive processes, thus complementing our training plan. It is worth to smile at cabbage, cauliflower, peppers, and legumes, such as fiber beans rich in fiber. Finally, one of the noblest vegetables in the slimming process, which is a tomato, is valuable. Appropriate balancing of the three elements of the menu, which are proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water, including the appropriate for training, increases the chances of achieving the goal.


Posted on: August 1, 2019

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