Training for a good night’s sleep


We present six exercises for a good night’s sleep prepared by Pilates instructor from San Francisco. Stretching the most tense parts of the body muscles of the neck, shoulders, back and hips allows you to relax the whole body, and this in turn affects the quality of the nap. 

Remember to do each exercise at least once, but do not exercise too much. In this way, you will naturally calm down, relax and remove tension. The research shows that women who do stretching exercises at least four times a week are less likely to suffer from insomnia and are more likely to cope with stress. 


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Releasing the shoulder and chest 

Roll a long towel and grab it with both hands. Stand straight, spread your feet to the width of your hips and lower your hands in front of you so that the towel is tight. Take in the air while raising your hands over your head. Exhale and lower your hands behind your back. Taking another breath, raise your hands over your head again, and then lower them by letting out air. If the exercise is too difficult, try to do it to the extent that it does not cause you pain. Repeat five to eight times. 


Slopes by the wall 

Stretching the muscles of the back, shoulder and neck 

Stand 30 cm from the wall and lean against your back. Feet spacing at the width of the hips. Take in the air, pull in the stomach and push the lower back to the wall. When letting out air, slowly pull forward until only the buttocks remain against the wall. Relax your neck and shoulders; head and hands should hang freely. Breathing deeply and slowly, turn the wheels with your lowered hands five times inwards and then five times out. Straighten yourself slowly. 


Cat’s ridge with rotation 

Relaxation for the back, abdomen, breast and shoulders 

Kneel and rest your hands on the floor, right under your shoulders, so that a straight angle is created between the thighs and the torso. 

Let the air out and draw in the stomach, round the back, lower the head and hips, stretching like a cat. 

Take in the air and reverse, ie lower the lumbar back, while lifting your hips and head. Repeat the exercise five times. 

Then straighten your back, rest your left shoulder on the floor and put your left hand between your right hand and your legs (palm facing down). In this position, take 8 deep breaths and repeat the exercise with your right hand. 

Up the wall 

Relaxation for the hips and rear thighs 

Lie on your back and slide your buttocks as close to the wall as possible. Straighten your legs, rest them high on the wall. Put your hands lightly against your thighs. Make 8 breaths in this position. Then slowly bend your legs in your knees, spreading them aside; connect the soles of your feet and lower them on the wall as low as possible so as not to feel pain. The side edges of the feet should rest against the wall. Gently press the knees and thighs to it. Perform 8 breaths in this position. Relax. 


Four with rotation 

Rest for the hips, side parts of the torso and shoulders 

Lie on your back, hands stretch out, turn your palms down with your back, bend your legs in your knees, keep your feet flat on the floor. Place the ankle of the right leg on the left knee so that the position of the legs would look like 4 . Slowly lower your legs to the right, while turning your head to the left (arms and upper back should be on the floor). Perform approx. 8 breaths in this position. Return to the starting position, lower your legs to the left and turn your head to the right. Make about 8 breaths. Repeat the layout on both sides. 


Incline sideways 

Silencing the whole body 

Lie on your back on the floor, arms and legs spread so that the body creates the figure X . Grab the left wrist with your right hand and slowly drag the left hand and upper body to the right. Then place the left ankle on the right one so that the body forms a crescent. Perform approx. 8 breaths in this position and repeat the exercise the other way round. 


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Posted on: April 26, 2019

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