Top 5 exercises for biceps


Powerful arms have always been the dreams of many men. They testified about the strength of hands, readiness to work, fighting skills and many other things that built respect and admiration. Exercises for biceps are many, but today we will focus on those that are widely regarded as the best.

  1. Bending the arms with dumbbells with supination of the wrist on the positive bench

The biceps muscle consists of 2 heads that differ in the place of attachment to the bones. The long head is attached above the shoulder joint, which means that the position of the upper arm can affect the extent to which the head helps during this exercise.

This exercise forces the humerus to be positioned behind the body line, resulting in the maximum extension of the head of the long biceps. The more horizontally the bench is set, the greater the muscle stretch.


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  1. Bending shoulders with a wide barbell standing

The use of a wider than usual handle causes an external rotation in the shoulder joint, so the humerus changes its position. This forces you to involve the head of the short biceps harder. In this exercise, as well as in all deflections with the barbell, avoid cheating movements, that is, do not tilt your back to the back.

  1. Bending Zottman

You have a problem with choosing a biceps exercise. Choose Zottman’s bending. In this exercise, the fingers of the hand are directed to the ceiling while moving up and pointing downwards during the lowering movement.

  1. Bending the arms with a barbell

The most classic exercise. You can try different hand spans on the banner. This can reduce discomfort during exercise and activate different parts of the biceps. The narrow grip will make the head more long, while the wider – the head short.

  1. Alternating shoulders bending with dumbbells standing

One of the basic and most popular bicep exercises. They can be performed in both standing and sitting positions. It works very well in the role of warm-up in front of heavy sets with barbells, but also as an independent exercise to develop the mass and shape of biceps. It is recommended to add to the basic technique of wrist movement inward to stimulate the biceps for extra work.


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Posted on: December 3, 2018

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