The right food technique support for a slimming diet


Do you still feel hungry when eating a balanced, full-bodied meal while using a slimming diet, or maybe you do not have a strange yo-yo effect? The reason may be a bad food technique. Do you know how to eat to be full and lose weight, and most importantly do not return to pre-diet weight?

How to eat to lose weight and feel no hunger?

Many people, when eating, unwittingly make a serious mistake by being convinced that using a slimming diet is enough to lose weight in the eyes. Meanwhile, it does not matter how much time is spent on a meal and what dishes it eats. The first sign that you are also committing this mistake is the feeling of hunger that accompanies you throughout the day.

The 5 most common mistakes made while eating


1) Eat fast – you eat more

Too fast food makes you eat more and you still feel hunger. This is because centers in the brain responsible for hunger and the feeling of fullness work closely with the stomach by sending information to each other. A center that sends a signal to the stomach that you are hungry and causes hunger hormone secretion in the stomach is in the side of the hypothalamus. To feel the feeling of being full, the center of satiety located in the nucleus of the hypothalamus must pick up the signal from the stomach about being full. This information is sent at the earliest after about 20 minutes from the start of the meal, however, it does not matter what amount of food goes to the stomach. This does not mean, however, that we can thus cheat the body by chewing one bite for a magical 20 minutes. The body will quickly discover cheating and start accumulating fatty tissue stores. It is therefore safest to spend about 30 minutes for a meal. People who can not eat slowly can try eating with chopsticks and try to chew each bite at least 5 times, and the meal should provide all the necessary minerals and vitamins.


2) The size of the plate is important

Serving meals on plates and smaller diameter you eat much less. The portion, which looks modest on a large plate, can barely fit on the dessert table, and just this message your eyes will send to the brain. The brain, after hearing about the full plate, sends another signal to the satiety center, which makes you feel full after eating a small portion. Restaurateurs very often use this trick serving dishes on very large plates, thus ensuring a larger number of orders.


3) Eat more often and smaller portions

Too small number of meals is another mistake. Most people eat two or three large meals a day. The same amount of food will be digested much faster if we divide it into 5 regular meals, consumed slowly. At the same time, the supper should not be eaten later than 2-3 hours before bedtime.


4) Do not wait until you’re really hungry

Start eating before you get really hungry, and this will help you eat more or less at the same time. Eating regularly you will not let go until you are very hungry and the sense of “hunter” eclipses common sense. The longer the hunger lasts, the longer the time between sending a signal from the brain and the stomach about hunger, the more the senses are sharpened. The feeling of hunger makes you concentrate more on your stomach and the desire to fill it. A sharp sense of smell and vision, as well as the sense of the hunter will make you feel like a predator for whom the most important is to get food regardless of its caloricity.


5) Do not snack

Snacking in the store or and the city, is a common sin of most people, at least those who went shopping before a meal. Then the sharp senses of taste, sight and smell make us act like a predator searching for victims. Most of the shops are waiting for hungry customers tempting them with scents and photos of beautiful looking food.

Healthy eating habits bring benefits not only during weight loss, it is worth taking care of the quality and quantity of meals consumed every day. Then you will never feel the lack of energy and declines in well-being. By repairing these 5 spheres associated with meals you will automatically feel the effects in the form of a slimmer and lighter figure.

Posted on: October 23, 2018

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