The richest sources of protein – what is worth eating?


In this article, I described the richest sources of protein. Consuming their optimal amount is the key to success. Find out what to eat to enjoy your health and your dream figure.


Protein is a macronutrient responsible for muscle development. It contains a complex of amino acids, which, thanks to the reaction called protein synthesis, create new muscle cells. Is it needed unless you do not need to mention anyone. However, how much is needed? Well, here everything depends on the effects that a given person wants to receive. The average person performing any physical activity requires a larger number of them. In this group, the greatest amount of protein is needed by fans of strength sports. The recommended daily intake of protein should not be less than 1.8g / kilogram body weight in men and 1.4g / kilogram body weight in women. The maximum amount depends to a large extent on other factors, i.e. the goal, the number of calories, the distribution of other macronutrients, the use of supplementation and even doping.In conclusion – proteins are necessary to build the silhouette of dreams.


What is biological value (Biological value – BV) and how it affects protein assimilation.

The biological value of the protein determines how much the organism is able to absorb from a given source. Depending on the bonds of individual amino acids, this amount may vary significantly. The range of bioavailability of this macro-ingredient ranges from 50 – 100. The higher the value, the better. Below is a summary of the natural sources of protein whose biological value is the most beneficial. I have deliberately omitted protein supplements because, as you know, thanks to the pre-treatment they contain much larger amounts than standard food.


The most favorable sources of protein.

Eggs (BV 90-100). Due to the fact that proteins are the undisputed king among protein sources – eggs can not be on the largest podium. Therefore, they occupy the second place on the list of the most favorable sources of protein. They have a favorable ratio of Omega-3 acids, thanks to which better regeneration occurs. Old theories have said that eating large amounts of it can cause big problems with cholesterol. Of course, if your daily menu has nothing to do with the bodybuilding diet, it may be. In the world of bodybuilding, where all sources of protein, carbohydrates and proteins are taken from the best sources, this problem is practically non-existent. The average bodybuilder consumes daily> 6 – 8j.

Tuna (BV 83). Not only tuna, but also most of the fish have a very favorable biological value. This source of protein should be present in the diet of every strength trainer. Fish, especially the greasy ones, contain a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids. As you know, it is an essential supplement in this field of sport. The most practical way to prepare fish is to bake or garnish it.

Beef (BV 80). One of the “cleanest” and the most recommended sources of protein. It has a high content of vitamins and minerals, i.e. B12, zinc and iron. However, its greatest asset is the natural content of creatine in meat (the largest among naturally occurring foods). It is true that these are not huge amounts, but it is a big plus. The biggest downside, especially in Poland, is the price. Beef sirloin costs PLN 80 / kg which can be a problem for most people training. In addition, beef tartare, which can be bought at most meat shops, can be a good “fast” meal.

Chicken breast fillet (BV 79). The basis of every diet. The price-quality ratio speaks for itself. Currently, to buy a chicken breast you need to spend an average of 15 PLN / kilogram. You can cook in any way you can, bake, fry, grill. You probably do not need to write more.

Dairy products (BV 70 – 83). Despite the negative reviews of many well-known bodybuilders about dairy products, it should be noted that they have a very high biological value. Their consumption prevents bone diseases and muscle cramps due to the high calcium content. The downside is the high content of lactose or sugar, very unfavorable for most people. In addition, most dairy products contain significant amounts of fat, which are also not beneficial for healthy gym enthusiasts.


So which products to eat the most often? Which are the best?

The best solution, as in any case, is moderation and diversity. Despite a similar amount of protein in most protein sources, each of them has different advantages. There is no single source whose consumption will provide the best results. It is also important to constantly provide protein to the body. It is impossible to absorb 20 eggs for breakfast, and then indulgence until the end of the day. Health and well-being are the most important things.

Posted on: November 20, 2018

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