The effect of weight loss on the skin condition


It would seem that the loss of unnecessary kilos means a general improvement of the external appearance.Unfortunately, many people experience another problem, which is sagging skin and stretch marks.It is therefore worth considering how you can take care of your skin after, and preferably during, the reduction diet.

One of the main reasons for excess skin is too fast weight loss.It is important to remember that our skin is not flexible enough to easily adapt to the new shapes after burning a large amount of body fat.This is one of the reasons why the use of a diet leading to weight reduction by more than 1 kilogram per week is discouraged.You can also take care of your skin’s firmness by using appropriate cosmetics and, above all, firming balms.During the application of such cosmetics, it is worth performing a massage lasting at least 5 minutes.Such a massage will improve blood circulation of the skin, as well as peeling, which you can use for example coffee.Another very important issue is drinking the right amount of water.Healthy and elastic skin requires proper hydration, both from the outside and from the inside.

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The use of a diet deficient in nutrients also contributes to skin problems. For example, zinc deficiency favors the emergence of stretch marks, which are particularly vulnerable to peopleon a diet or using steroids and pregnant women. In reducing the likelihood of the appearance of stretch marks helps a proper diet and good cosmetics that stimulate collagen synthesis.People who use a reducing diet should recommend diet supplements, which will eliminate the risk of deficiencies of vitamins and minerals important for the skin.

In the case of people who, due to weight loss, caused serious changes on their skin, it is recommended to use cosmetic treatments.Very good results can be obtained, for example, thanks to endermology, or vacuum massage, which affects the connective tissue of the skin.This treatment also allows you to get rid of cellulite, the so-called orange peel, which is the result of improper distribution of fat tissue.An alternative to endermology is a Chinese Banana massage, which can be made independently at home.If these types of treatments prove to be ineffective, it is worth taking an interest in the possibilities offered by aesthetic medicine.Skin changes such as stretch marks can now be removed without the use of a scalpel, because this treatment can be successfully replaced with laser therapy.


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Posted on: December 13, 2018

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