The effect of estrogen on the female figure composition


In the previous article, we said that all the most important difference between the response of our body to dietary stimulus, training in the aspect of the relationship are related to genetic programming and sex hormones, because specific female physiology develops under the influence of estrogen and progesterone along with puberty just as male under the influence of testosterone.

We also discussed how the menstrual cycle progresses, which changes our physiology several times a month, introducing a complexity that has never been and will not be found in men.

Folicular Phase

The follicular phase of the cycle is the least complicated due to the fact that in this phase of the cycle progesterone is low, affecting our physiology to a very small extent, and estradiol begins to increase right up to ovulation immediately after the end of menstruation. phase of the menstrual cycle.Estrogen plays the role of sensitizing progesterone receptors in this phase, due to which progesterone will have the possibility of having greater biological strength in the luteal phase of the cycle.

In this and the next article, I will describe the influence of each of these hormones individually on our physiology in the context of the figure, but it is worth remembering that estrogens and progesterone have a different / opposite effect on the physiology of the female body, although de facto both hormones, but in a different way under The course of each menstrual cycle closely cooperate in synchronization with each other in order to ensure increased fat storage and make it difficult to burn especially in the lower parts of the body.

In this there is a logical sense – the entire menstrual cycle and all hormonal processes associated with it exist in order to prepare the woman’s body for a potential and possible pregnancy providing energy to its course along with breastfeeding after childbirth.Considering the high energy demand in both cases (pregnancy and lactation), it is logical to have an evolutionary mechanism allowing to store the most energy in the form of adipose tissue in the gluteal thigh region, lower abdomen and of course the breast.

Estrogens include estradiol, estrone and estriol with their specific alpha and beta receptors with which estrogens combine in different parts of the body to fulfill various biological functions.Mainly I will focus on estradiol because in the discussed issues he is the most important.


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In popular opinion, estradiol bears the fame of the hormone, which is the biggest enemy on the way to the dream athletic (sculpted) figure.It is said that it is them that contribute the most to weight gain, excessive water rotation in the body and so-calledthe effect of swelling, it is also blamed for the fact that we physiologically have more body fat than men and we are predisposed to cellulite even without co-existing overweight.Cellulite is often called the estrogen gift.

It’s somewhat right, but the truth is that estrogens have both positive and negative effects on the appearance of our body (the level of body fat and its distribution) or how we react to dietary and training stimuli in the aspect of silhouette. In addition, as you will see, many of the effects of estrogen are positive.

Most of the negative sides from the perspective of physiology have their important role, but we think that women are negative, because they cause that under the pressure of mass media in the context of achieving and maintaining an ideal silhouette we must lead an unequal battle with our nature and physiology.

Genetic programming of a woman creates more, especially in the lower parts of the body, so-calledpre-adipocytes, i.e. fat cells not developed confidently.Pre-adipocytes are stimulated during puberty under the influence of estrogen and progesterone to become fully-formed fat cells – adipocytes.

Women, therefore, generally have a higher percentage of body fat in relation to men throughout their lifetime, which is mainly conditioned by the cooperation of estrogens with progesterone.However, men have more body fat in a central or abdominal region (an android or apple), which is conditioned by higher levels of androgens and carries a much higher risk of cardiovascular disease.Women, on the other hand, have more estrogenic, or subcutaneous fat, which works in the context of predisposition to these cardiovascular diseases.

Estradiol in the context of LPL has a positive effect on our body, because it inhibits the activity of this enzyme in fat cells (at least in studies in which adhesions with estradiol were glued to the femoral and gluteal areas inhibited LPL activity in these areas) and may increase LPL activity in muscles, although in the latter case more research is required, but that would explain why we have more IMTG than men.

As you can see, there is not such a devil that they paint him.The fact that estradiol exerts its negative effects on a woman’s figure, but the majority can definitely be considered positive especially considering the regulation of appetite, better mood, better sensitivity insulin or performance and post-workout regeneration. Many of the negative effects of estradiol will only appear when we use a poorly balanced diet (too much salt and too little potassium, a lot of carbohydrates with a large supply of fats, etc.).

Contrary to what most people believe, the progesterone, whose role we will address in the next post, causes much more negative effects in the context of the body than estradiol.


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Posted on: December 13, 2018

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