Testosterone and growth hormone – how to naturally increase their level?


Certainly you have wondered whether there are ways to increase testosterone and growth hormone in the body. There are many ways, and in addition they are natural. Most of them are so logical that you will be surprised. Find out what testosterone and growth hormone are and how to naturally increase their level!



Testosterone and growth hormone – introduction


Undoubtedly – testosterone and growth hormone are the two most important hormones in bodybuilding light. Of course, both occur naturally in the human body. So where does the conviction that their quantity is insufficient and should be raised? The answer is simple – to increase and speed up the effects. The body produces limited amounts. In addition, not every organism is the same. The difference between the upper and lower limits of naturally produced testosterone is considerable. Among other things, this is why some people in gyms get better results than their peers who use the same training and rely on similar diets.


What is the difference between growth hormone and testosterone? Well, growth hormone actually contributes to the increase in lean muscle mass, and testosterone does not. Which does not change the fact that the combination of both these hormones will yield the best results. It should also be remembered that testosterone in synthetic form is the basis of all steroid cycles, even those for beginners. HGH (Human Growth Hormone), meaning the Polish translation of growth hormone, is used mainly by professionals who care for extremely high muscle mass.



Basics – how to naturally raise testosterone and growth hormone in the body?


There are several ways to naturally increase the levels of both of these hormones in the body. In principle, the following methods relate to reaching the maximum level without an “unnatural invasion” on the body. Many people look for an escape in the form of synthetic injections, and in many cases it would be enough to follow the basic rules. Each of the following sub-points is valid, and the indication which is the best is impossible.


The right diet


If you do not feed properly, you do not give your body the ability to produce hormones properly. Deliver the right amount of calories to the body, paying particular attention to wholesome sources of protein that are a must.


Sufficient regeneration

Slept a minimum of 7 hours a day. About 70% of growth hormone is produced during deep sleep. A good sleep for a bodybuilder is essential.


Perform multi-joint exercises


The main threesome exercises – deadlift, squats and extrusions, in the low interval of repetitions, to a large extent contribute to increasing the natural production of hormones. Try to do them twice a week, no more.



Use adequate supplementation


Depending on the desired effect, you can use additional hormone-stimulating supplements to increase their production. Familiarize yourself with the appropriate measures that will maximize the effect of hormones

ZMA. It is not a magic agent that will stimulate your body to unnatural hormone production. It is the most-usual composition of vitamins and minerals in the world. The main ingredient of this supplement is zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. Zinc is responsible for increasing the production of testosterone and for reducing the time of regeneration thanks to antioxidant activity. Magnesium is responsible for proper muscle work. It should be mentioned that most people have magnesium deficiency in the body. The above composition also has a good effect on the quality of sleep, which is why this supplement is recommended for use just before bedtime.

Herbal preparations. Many supplement manufacturers recommend natural testosterone boosters, including Tribulus Terrestris or Yohimbe extract. They are obtained from plants. In addition, for people with libido problems, the above herbs may be the solution to the problem.

Amino acids. There are many amino acids that give a noticeable effect of strengthening the natural growth hormone (HGH). This group includes min. BCAA, Taurine, Arginine, Glutamine, Lysine and Ornithine. Therefore, it is recommended to use a full group of amino acids. They give the best effect.


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Is it possible to help in the production of hormones?

Yes of course. There are many ways unrelated to supplementation that actually affect the production of testosterone and growth hormone. Below I will present what principles you should stick to and fully use your own potential

Do intense workouts.

Remember about a small meal before training and full-value after training.

Avoid large doses of alcohol.

Make sex.

Do not completely lose strength during training.

Eat healthy, eat vegetables.

Do not forget about the additional supplementation of vitamins and minerals.

Use 30-minute naps during the day.

Do not get too much body fat.

Provide amino acids before training and compensate for the deficiencies after training.

Consuming high doses of carbohydrates in relation to fats contributes to increased insulin production, which may have a negative effect on HGH. Use a high protein diet.


What is the best way to increase testosterone and growth hormone in the body?

The answer may not appeal to the majority, but it is true that it will naturally increase both these hormones very hard. People who have genetically low levels can help supplements to a large extent. However, for people whose genetic limit of the above hormones is close to the maximum, there remains only one solution – the use of anabolic steroids and synthetic growth hormone. It should be remembered that their use can cause several problems, viz

Supplying increased amounts of testosterone to the body can lead to many side effects. For the most part, they are not very invasive to the body, but they are very burdensome.

Synthetic growth hormone in the human body lead to much more substantial side effects than the predecessor. The use of excessive amounts in many cases leads to increased internal organs, hair growth in unwanted places, and even increased bones.

The problem, although not for the organism, is also the acquisition of the above measures. In Poland, they are illegal. Let us point out that these are drugs that help people with different kinds of problems. Thus, the above measures are prescribed by a doctor. Finding them on the “black market” is not a reasonable option.

Many people say that anabolic steroids and synthetic growth hormones are safe. Maybe this is true for some people, but every organism reacts differently to medicines. For one, the use of a given drug may not contribute to any side effects, while for another it may contribute to death. Remember to use everything with your head, under constant medical supervision. Another important element is the long-term use of anabolic steroids and synthetic growth hormone. Long-term use can seriously damage the body even in a fully healthy person.

The use of synthetic drugs can lead to the cessation of natural production of these chemicals by the body. For this reason, bodybuilders using synthetic growth hormone and anabolic steroids after each cycle must use PCT – Post Cycle Therapy to stimulate the body to regenerate its own hormones.

Many dietary supplements used in PCT – pectoral therapies are very good natural testosterone enhancers. They work with the body, and do not bring a ready hormone, so that the production of hormones in the body does not expire. In many ways, they can be considered as the exact opposite of steroids. They are safe and effective, and above all without any major side effects. There are supplements that naturally increase testosterone levels and those that naturally stimulate growth hormone. Below you will find testosterone boosters in our store

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