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For young people, the external appearance plays a very important role, which is why many teenagers try to fight excessive kilos.Some want to work on their figure at the gym.There are also many young people who decide to train because of their desire to sculpt muscles or improve their fitness and strength.Sometimes parents are reluctant because they are afraid that the gym is not a good place for a teenager.Do they have a flare?

In the past, it was believed that gym training is not suitable for people under 15 years of age.Currently, many specialists believe that there is no reason to completely ban training younger people.However, attention should be paid to the state of health and to adjust the type of exercise and load to the age of the trainer.This requires extensive knowledge and experience, which is why young people need help from a good trainer.The coach should not be a few years older colleague or brother, only a person who deals with this professionally.In the case of people under 15 years of age, the specialist may decide that the application of the burden could have negative effects.In this case, you should follow his instructions and perform only those exercises that he / she deemed safe.

Threats associated with improper training

In the absence of adequate control, training can be a threat to the young person.Keep in mind that many teenagers have not yet achieved the right growth for themselves.Although the process of growth in some people stops before the sixteenth year of life, however, in others it can last even when they have already completed twenty years.The training plan should therefore not include exercises that inhibit growth.These include barbell squeezing from behind the neck or from the chest and squats with strain on the back of the neck.There are also exercises that should not have side effects, but they are discouraged due to the fact that the trainers often make mistakes with them, which may lead to injury, especially for adolescents.We are talking about squats with a load on the back of the neck, during which the exercisers often bend the spine, which may lead to a curse.


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Frequency and nature of trainings

Usually teenagers are advised to exercise 2-3 times a week, but the trainer sets the exact rules.General development training is applied, and in the case of overweight, it is combined with exercises that promote fat reduction.The exact appearance of the workout may be different, because various factors are taken into account, such as health, weight, endurance and the aforementioned growth process.

Diet and supplementation

People practicing in the gym usually use supplements and dietary supplements, so this topic will sooner or later interest any teenager.At the beginning it is worth remembering that such preparations only supplement the diet, so the most important is proper nutrition.Nutrients and supplements are useful mainly for very intense workouts, so teenagers should do well without them.This also applies to slimming aids. If a young man would like to get rid of excess weight, then be careful and remember that not all supplements are safe for him. Young people can reach for products with fiber, which reduces appetite and supports metabolism, but they should not use thermogenics, for example.Regardless of whether the teenager wants to use supplements, when overweight it is worth consulting with a dietitian.Nutritional errors can also have a bad effect on the developing organism.

Bad effects of bans on training

Parents should not prohibit their teenage children from using the gym, because in this way they can completely discourage them from being active and caring for their figure.A ban can also make a young person train in secret from their parents.It is worth mentioning that the street workout, ie street training with the use of urban infrastructure, is gaining popularity.There is no doubt that such a sport, practiced without anyone’s control, is a much greater threat than training at the gym, where an experienced trainer is present.If the caregivers still have concerns about allowing the teenager to participate in the training, they should go to the gym with their child to see what the exercises look like and ask the trainer to clarify any doubts.


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Posted on: December 20, 2018

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