Technique of mouthwash with carbohydrates “take and spat out”


Carbohydrates during exercise improve their performance, even when the exercise is intense (> 75% VO2max) and relatively short (~ 1 hour). It has been shown that rinsing mouth with carbohydrates gives a similar effect on improving the efficiency of eating them during activity, but the positive effect is not related to the losses caused during the activity (glycogen), but may be related to the central nervous system. It is believed that the taste affects the mood, and this in turn may affect the perception of effort and support for the central nervous system. It is worth noting that in a hypoglycaemic state after a hard run, the intake of a small portion of carbohydrates quickly brings relief before carbohydrates are absorbed. For now, the main conclusion is that carbohydrates, regardless of whether they are consumed or used only for mouthwashing – can improve the overall result of the exercises lasting about 1 hour.

Routine mouth rinsing with carbohydrates lasting 5-10 sec. improves the results of an effort lasting 30-70 minutes. It is suggested that the benefits of improving the results are similar to those consuming carbohydrates. However, the intake of snacks in some athletes contributes to the discomfort of the gastrointestinal tract, especially during intense exercise. In addition, rinsing and expectoration of carbohydrates may be a beneficial nutritional strategy for people who perform exercises, and for which the goal is to maintain adequate body weight. Such a strategy improves the perception of exercise and / or higher intensity of exercise without consuming additional calories.

Practical guidelines on carbohydrate intake:
It is worth remembering that the reception technique should be adapted to your body and intended training goal and tried out several times during training. People with high sensitivity from the gastrointestinal tract should start taking snacks from the smallest portions, (15 g / h), gradually increasing them to obtain a satisfactory effect.

Posted on: September 28, 2018

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