Tea from nettles – why is it worth including in the diet?


Nettle is a valuable and also very common herb. On plots it is treated like a weed which needs to be torn away. It is worth knowing, however, that the nettle has been appreciated by folk medicine and today it is still used to cure many ailments. 

Today, the nettle is slowly returning to favor, and this is due to cosmetic blogs, on which the infusion of this herb is promoted as a remedy for hair loss and skin problems. However, this is just one of the few uses of this inconspicuous herb. Why is it worth to include nettle tea in your diet? 


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Valuable properties of nettle 

Interestingly, Hippocrates recommended using nettle to reduce haemorrhage. As it turns out today, it was not unfounded. In nettles you can find a lot of vitamin K1, which ensures the proper blood clotting. By eating the nettle, you prevent excessive bleeding from occurring in case of possible damage to the body. 

Latin is called nettle is Urtica, meaning smoking. It comes from the effect of nettle on our skin; touching a living plant causes a burn, which causes blisters on the skin. This property was especially often used in folk medicine for flagellation of sore legs and treatment of rheumatism. Nettle contains, among others formic acid, which causes the mentioned burns. However, this acid at the same time increases blood circulation and analgesia, so unpleasant blisters stop to itch after a few hours, and the scourged area becomes more resistant to pain. Nettle accelerates the flow of lymph and blood, so it alleviates inflammation. 

Daily consumption of nettle tea promotes blood purification and removal of toxins (which is why it is a diuretic), and additionally supports the work of the digestive system (especially the liver). 

A way to anemia? 

People who suffer from anemia are usually recommended to eat large amounts of meat. Meanwhile, it turns out that anemia can be treated as effective as nettle. This herb contains a lot of iron and vitamin C. Non-heme iron 

(i.e. plant origin) is much better absorbed when it is combined with vitamin C. With lowering the iron level, it is worth reaching for the nettle; in this case, the juice will be more successful than tea, but if we do not have access to fresh nettles, it is also worth using the infusion. 

Nettle for people with insulin resistance and hypertension 

Nettle tea lowers blood glucose, so it’s good to use it for carbohydrate-rich meals. Especially those who have problems with too high fasting sugar levels (which may be the result of insulin resistance) should benefit from this. In addition, the nettle also lowers the pressure, and this is because it expands the blood vessels. 

Nettle tea for hair 

Nettle tea can accelerate hair growth and prevent the existing ones from falling out. Nettle also has a good effect on the skin – it reduces acne and accelerates the alleviation of inflammation. It’s all thanks to the vitamins and minerals contained in this plant vitamins A, C, E and silicon, magnesium and calcium. Interestingly, the infusion of nettle can also be used externally in the form of a hair rinse. 

Tea nettle do it yourself 

It is worth picking nettles in the spring, when there are no flowers – then all the minerals accumulate in the leaves. It is worth remembering that nettle should gather in places far from civilization; the nettle growing by the road, which hundreds of cars pass every day, is certainly not rich in nutrients. 

The leaves can be removed and then they can be drunk or eaten raw. If you want to make a supply of tea for a whole year, wash the nettle broken (then it will not burn) and dry in the shade. The finished leaves can be stored in a jar. Later, it is enough to pour boiling water and brew 10 minutes under cover. 

Can you overdo it with nettle? 

Due to this, nettle tea works diuretic, we should not drink it in excess. Too much infusion can promote the leaching of valuable minerals from the body. It is recommended to consume a maximum of 1 cup of tea a day. 


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Posted on: June 4, 2019

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