Take a workout and remember that diet is the foundation!


Overweight and obesity is a scourge of modern times. Excessive kilograms of body weight were hailed as the disease of the 21st century. Every third American is struggling with this problem! Assuming that it is much easier to prevent than to fight – today’s article will be fully devoted to ways to look after your figure before you are threatened with excessive kilos! Until now, even effective slimming tablets should be put aside. Take a workout and remember that diet is the foundation!

Strength training in the gym

Good exercises are essential! Successful weight loss is a hard process that certainly can not be easy for many people. It is enough to ask about feelings during the weight loss of a person who suffered from extra kilos and who managed to fight the excess of a fellow.

In the case of overweight, the ideal preventive action is strength training. Training plan for muscle mass, circuit training, training for sculpture, training for strength – practically every form of activity with weights and gym in the background gives a sense of security for your appearance.

Strength training helps not only to achieve the dream figure but also increases the fitness capacity of the body, endurance, general physical fitness, motor skills, as well as muscle strength. Also, it positively influences the strengthening of the immune system.

Of course, TRX training or home-training with home appliances will be great as an active leisure activity!




cardio, dietInterval training (also known as HIIT training) or aerobic training are two great methods of getting rid of excess body fat. They improve performance and at the same time help to get rid of excessive calories.

It is worth using the benefits of this form of activity all the time. A person who wants to be healthy should perform 2 long-distance or long-distance runs at least every week.

Active spending of free time

Of course, you can easily include gym training, home training or running without problems in active leisure time, but other forms of activity are equally important.

It is worth to go swimming, ride a bike or play football with friends once in a while. The variety of forms of physical activity translates into a better development of the body’s awareness, improvement of performance, efficiency and strength, as well as improvement of what is most important, and hence health!

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Reasonable food selection

The training itself is not everything, of course. Even the most active way of spending free time can not do anything if you do not take care of the quality and quantity of your food. It is very important to eat 4 to 6 balanced healthy meals throughout the day. Of course, the number of dishes, as well as their size and variety, are selected for their sporting purposes (muscle mass, sculpture, healthy weight loss), and, consequently, the caloric demand.

Of course, meals should be enriched with vegetables and the right amount of liquids. The best liquids are mineral water, coffee, and green tea. Herbs, for example, mint, also have a supporting effect. In some cases, dietary supplements will play a key role, including whey protein isolate, BCAA, creatine or vitamins, and minerals for athletes.

Preventive examination of circuits and weights

Fast slimming does not exist! Slimming is a hard and long-lasting process, which if not properly accomplished, can even end in a yo-yo effect. It is very important in the prevention of weight loss to correct not only the weight but also its dimensions.

Periodic measurements are worth doing once a week or once every two weeks.

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Posted on: August 1, 2019

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