Synthetic fat burners


Sympathomimetics are chemical compounds that resemble adrenaline with their action. A characteristic feature of these substances is selectivity – thanks to this they can only affect specific types of tissues and receptors. They can intensify fat burning in various ways. It may be:

– a delay in fatigue;

– weakening of appetite;

– increase of energy expenditure;

– increased blood flow and the transfer of nutrients to the muscles;

– destruction of fat cells and release of lipids from them;

– increased use of energy from fats, and less from carbohydrates.

One of the most popular sympathomimetics is the already mentioned ephedrine. In order to supplement, it’s worth adding that this substance has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, where it was successfully used as a medicine for various diseases.

Phenylpropanolamine is a psychoactive stimulant that was initially used as a preparation for bronchitis and hypotension. Its side effect is a significant reduction in appetite. Marketed under the name “Dexatrim” was included in the list of prohibited substances, due to the premises concerning the increased risk of cerebral hemorrhage among women. Others argue that the ban was caused by its use for the production of methamphetamine (like ephedrine).

Clenbuterol is a strong organic chemical compound classified as a beta2-agonist. Its effect is very similar to ephedrine, although it’s much stronger and longer in terms of stimulation and thermogenesis. The product increases the tidal volume, increases blood pressure and transports oxygen to tissues and stimulates the nervous system. At the same time, it increases the catabolism of proteins and fats while at the same time stopping the synthesis of glycogen. At present, it’is withdrawn from the treatment of people, but is still used as a doping agent or a chemical liposuction preparation.

Geramina, more commonly known as DMAA, is also a synthetic sympathomimetic compound. In 2006, American chemist Patrick Arnold called for the inclusion of an AMP supplement using this substance for sale. He argued that it occurs naturally in geranium oil. As it turned out later, methylhexanamine is 100% synthetic, and its action resembles the popular amphetamine.

Nevertheless, DMAA is still a popular component of fat burners and causes a significant increase in blood pressure. Geramina is considered the best of the sympathomimetics available on the market due to the safety of its use and poor performance in relation to previously described substances.


Posted on: September 23, 2018

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