Sweet drinks – are they always unhealthy?


Does a healthy lifestyle preclude the consumption of sweet drinks? Of course not! The article contains information on what apart from ordinary mineral water should be included in the diet.

Sweet drinks – are they always unhealthy?
In a can of cola there are as many as 16 sugar cubes. Recommended for children, the popular juice advertised on television contains up to 7 teaspoons of sugar in one small bottle. Sweet drinks should be avoided. It is worth reaching for products that are naturally deprived of bitterness without interference by the manufacturer. The recommended drinks include grapefruit juice, which accelerates fat burning. Cherry prevents the formation of tumors, has anti-inflammatory properties and facilitates the regeneration of the body after physical exertion. Apple improves the functioning of the circulatory system, favorably affects the heart and sex drive. Cranberry, in turn, develops the body’s resistance to infection and has antibacterial properties. Carrot provides a beautiful appearance of the skin and delays the aging process. It’s best to reach for cloudy, freshly squeezed juices. Note – many manufacturers create packaging for beverages that mislead the customer to use juice. The easiest way to not fall victim to manipulation is to read the first line of the product composition. From it, we’ll find out whether it is a drink or juice.

Teas to quench thirst
All teas are diuretic. They let you quench your momentary thirst but do not contribute to the hydration of the body. It is easy to conclude that people who constantly consume only infusions and give up drinking water are constantly dehydrated. This problem concerns especially unconscious members of the older generation who declare that they are not animals to drink raw water. However, it is worth reaching for tea for health reasons. The red variety contributes to fat burning, while green reduces appetite and fights free radicals. Contrary to popular opinion, black tea has positive properties. First of all, it stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, accelerates the metabolism and protects teeth against caries. Drinking hot tea during hot weather reduces the feeling of overheating, minimizes the difference between the temperature outside and inside the body, and also contributes to the secretion of body-cooling sweat. Consumption of warm brew in the winter eliminates the effects of chilling. It is harmful and addictive to sweeten tea with sugar or sweetener.

It’s much wiser to reach for a tablespoon of honey.

How to drink coffee so that it is healthy?

Coffee rinses calcium and magnesium from the body, so you should eat it with the addition of milk. The addition of sugar increases the risk of caries formation as well as general acidification of the body. The most healthier coffee is ground coffee or ground coffee. The soluble passes a very long production path. In contrast to the ground it contains virtually no antioxidants. It is, unfortunately, rich in carcinogenic Ochratoxin A and nickel, which contributes to the formation of allergies. Coffee dehydrates the body even more strongly than tea, so it can not be counted into the necessary amount of daily liquids. It has a lot of health properties – it stimulates the body, increases blood pressure in bad weather conditions, facilitates slimming, reduces the risk of dyspnea attacks in asthmatics, and also works in prevention

Alzheimer’s disease. It is the healthiest to drink ground coffee with the addition of milk and no sugar in the amount of no more than two or three cups a day.

Taste water – advantages and disadvantages
Flavored water is a springboard for those who have been bored with mineral water. However, be careful of products ready in stores.

The vast majority contain artificial aromas and substances contributing to the development of allergies as well as cancers. Instead of buying flavored water, it’s better to put a few pieces of lemon or raw cucumber into the bottle. The effect is the same for the taste, and the sky is better for health. The flavored water prepared in this way can be consumed interchangeably with ordinary source because it perfectly hydrates the body.

Yoghurts – properties
An excellent way to quench your thirst quickly is to consume a drinking yogurt. The taste depends on individual preferences, but you should always check the composition of the product. After a short review in a popular supermarket, the alarming news is that 9 in 10 drinking yogurts contain huge amounts of artificial flavors, sugar or glucose-fructose syrup. You need to check the labels very carefully to make sure that you really reach for the valuable source of probiotic bacteria, calcium and protein, not a mixture of syrups and powdered milk.

Posted on: December 30, 2019

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