Strength training in the gym – training plan for healthy slimming


In the second part of the article, the reader will learn what strength training looks like for fast weight loss, learn the ins and outs of the diet to lose weight, and learn why you should remember about cardio training!

Strength training in the gym – training plan for healthy slimming

Slimming diet alone? Whoever thinks it is possible is right, but it is much better to carry out a reduction in the presence of any planned physical activity. The strength training is great.

Training plan for slimming should be based on exercises with weights. Thanks to this, the weight loss procss will be complete and the effects will be noticeable as soon as possible.

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People struggling with additional kilograms, should bet on FBW training or circuit training. In both cases, during one training session, the whole body is involved in the effort. It is worth noting that circuit training is, however, intended for people who enjoy relatively high fitness, otherwise it may be too challenging to do it!

A common reason for demotivation is simply a poorly chosen training plan. You should always consult a more experienced person when you have no idea what training for fat reduction is. The ideal solution will be a consultation with a personal trainer.

Diet for slimming

The diet for slimming should be first of all healthy. People who are overweight are often offered diets that are not only healthy, but are extremely exhausting for the body as well as the psyche.

Healthy eating or healthy eating style is based on products not only healthy but also tasty. The chicken breast fillet must not always appear on the plate. You can replace it with a juicy beef steak, fresh salmon or soy pate, which is the only plant containing a complete chain of branched chain amino acids! It is as full-fledged as protein-rich meat!

Rice, in turn, can be replaced by tastier buckwheat groats, pasta or oatmeal. For breakfast as well as after training, you can eat fruit that will quickly provide energy. Vegetables must be at every meal (unless fruit is chosen for breakfast, then you can leave it as an exception).

Avoiding fats in the diet? Nonsense. Choose healthy vegetable fats (grapeseed oil, Rhodiola linseed oil, olive oil, avocado, walnuts, cashews etc.) as they play important roles in the body, including they determine the proper functioning of the endocrine system! A good choice is also the consumption of fish, such as salmon, which is itself greasy, and although it is a product of animal origin, it contains large amounts of healthy fat.

The diet should be enriched with dietary supplements. The basic is protein and vitamins and minerals in capsules. It is worth drinking enough water to keep the body’s water economy healthy and at a high level.

Failure to comply with the above guidelines may lead to bad relationships with feeding, as well as yo-yo effect. Stuffing chicken and rice with each meal is not a good thing. A healthy diet should not only be balanced, but also diverse!

Burning calories with cardio training!

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In order not to lose motivation for training, one should not deny the fancy exercises! Slimming people, after training at the gym, in case of poor condition, can burn calories with the help of a treadmill or a stationary bike, deciding on aerobic training, while those that enjoy a slightly better condition can choose interval training (HIIT training) and Here is a way to hit the fat.

Posted on: October 6, 2019

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