Stereotypes about healthy eating


It is a pity that the school curriculum – although it covers the basics of functioning of the human body, it does not take into account the principles related to proper nutrition, not to mention the specific needs of athletes and active people. Therefore, information on what and how we should eat from various sources, not necessarily the highest flights. Often, we rely on information heard from friends who have successfully lost weight or on the tips in articles from the color press, unfortunately the knowledge acquired this way often has numerous shortcomings. 


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Although it is impossible to analyze in one article all the novelties, wisdoms and slogans repeated and propagated in the media and at social events for many years, there are some particularly worth discussing, which I will devote some attention to. 


Good and bad food 

Who has not heard the theory about the need to avoid fats in the diet, as a source of all ailments – from obesity through infarctions and strokes to cancer? We have learned to perceive greasy foods like time bombs with delayed ignition, and as a consequence we tend to overuse products classified by us as very healthy and desirable in the diet, such as cereal products (often sweetened), fruit yoghurts and juices (also saturated with sugar) as well as all foods rich in protein (because proteins are not always enough). Very often, all low-calorie products are considered healthy, while high-calorie ones are to get rid of the diet at all costs. 

Meanwhile, such a categorization of good food, that is, one that should be eaten as much as possible and for bad food, which must be eliminated from the menu often has little to do with common sense and may lead to health problems resulting from nutritional deficiencies or excesses. Therefore, when composing a menu, one should not use exaggerated simplifications, it must be remembered that although some food products eaten in excess may be harmful, it is not always appropriate to completely eliminate them from the diet. 

This principle, however, does not apply to the so-called junk food, or highly processed products, providing only empty calories, e.g. sweets, chips, junk food, etc. Their exclusion from the menu will not cause the effect of malnutrition, because they provide nothing but energy. 


Counting calories, slimming and healthy eating 

People who are interested in healthy eating and care about proper balancing of meals are perceived by the environment – feeding in the way of so-called normal – as slaves of calories. How many times, as a student of dietetics, I listened patiently to comments – especially at family events, from friendly aunts and uncles, that today you do not need to count calories or that once you eat more calories, nothing will happen. As if healthy eating and maintaining moderation in the consumption of cakes, alcohol or fries had to be associated with slimming or counting calories


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Posted on: April 4, 2019

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