Stationary exercise bike


A stationary exercise bike is a great solution for those who want to get rid of excess fat in home conditions for a small price. The cost of such a bike varies around PLN 100-200!

The exercise bike is an excellent alternative to other devices that enable cardio training. When the weather is bad outside the window, and the nearest gym is far away, it is worth having your own exercise bike in the room.

It should be remembered that the stationary magnetic bike must be sized to suit your height and weight, to ensure comfortable training and eliminate any knee pain caused by the unsuitable size of the device.
It’s worth taking a look around on the internet, reading consumer reviews, to know what kind of exercise bike to buy for the money you need. Exercise bike resistance levels should be chosen so that the transition between them is smooth, without large jumps in the difference of resistance.


Training biker training results very good, provided that we train regularly and eat properly.
A stationary exercise bike is the only way out when we do not have time for a different form of training than exercise at home. If you do not know what training bike to buy, ask a specialist in the store.

The exercise bike is a device that allows you to declare war on your fat at home. How to exercise for training to be effective? What can a training bike serve for? About this below.

Stationary exercise bike – application

Thanks to the use of this cardio equipment, you can not only burn fat, but also warm up your muscles before training. This works great especially before leg training! You can also mute your body after a training session with the help of a training bike.

The main task that most people will put in the case of a training bike will be burning subcutaneous fat.

Aerobic or anaerobic training (because you can do it on a stationary bike) is best done after strength training. Training in the HIIT version has it to yourself that you can do it at any time, not necessarily immediately after the training session. It is even advisable to exercise it on days off from strength training.

Aerobic training on a exercise bike

Aerobic training is best done immediately after finishing strength training. It should spin so that the heart rate stays in the upper range of 60-80% HR max.

HR max can be calculated using the formula
HR max = 220 – age

The duration of the aerobic session should be 30-45 minutes. During this time, you are able to completely affect the process of burning subcutaneous fat.

Anaerobic training on a exercise bike

Anaerobic training has it to yourself that it can be done in home conditions, even with the use of a training bike to which today’s article is dedicated.

In the training method mentioned above, very intensive training is used alternately for maximum possibilities and medium intensity training. It looks more or less like this

– 20 s. – sprint;

– 10 sec. – rest, slow spins;

– 20 s. – sprint;

– 10 sec. – rest, slow spins;


Such stations (sprint + rest is one station) inexperienced people with poor condition will be able to perform from 3 to 4. Those more experienced with greater efficiency of the body can adapt the above example to their own abilities.

The exercise bike is, above all, simplicity

A stationary exercise bike takes up little space and is relatively inexpensive. The prices of the cheapest models are already in the range of PLN 100-200.

If you do not like running or walking on the treadmill, the natural solution to the problem is the exercise bike. You can reach for it anytime – all you need is that it will be at home.

Practicing on a stationary bike is a pleasure! A stationary bike is a good investment, especially on long winter evenings, when you are already running in front of the TV, you can lose weight. As you can see, burning calories can be very simple. The opinions of the owners of this equipment convince that the fitness and stationary exercise bike are two compatible concepts.

In addition, you will not have to wait long for the effects of diet and training on a stationary bike!

Posted on: September 25, 2019

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