Starter burners


Beginners of their adventure with supplementation should approach with great care to select the products. An organism that is not accustomed to intense physical effort and “forced” involvement may react badly to this unusual situation.

Based on the literature and your own experience, it’s better to invest in preparations with stable and not too strong action at the very beginning.

You can successfully use supplements based only on natural ingredients, and add caffeine in the form of a cup of strong coffee before training. This will increase awareness of the very effects of thermogenic substances and will confirm whether the substances contained in it bring effects. The best solution is to do several workouts on samples of a given preparation so as not to be disappointed or (even worse) negatively surprised.

Fat burner and creatine? Beginners should invest in one product, although the use of both will not have any contraindications. It should be remembered that diet and nutrition will be a key role in the whole process. If you want to combine a good fat burner and creatine, you should choose creatine malate, because the water retention will take place to a much lesser extent.

Posted on: September 22, 2018

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