Sport shoes – how to choose?


What to look for? 

First of all, let’s try to choose the shoes of a good and well-known company that specializes in sports footwear. They do not necessarily have to be the most expensive products, but it is better to pay more to be sure that the article meets the standards and our rates will be secured against injury. 


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It is best to go to the store in the afternoon, when the legs are slightly swollen after a whole day. We will avoid buying shoes that are too small or too tight. It is also worth advise the seller, because, for example, running shoes are very different from shoes in which we will do aerobics or play tennis. 

For jogging 

Jogging shoes should be above all comfortable. Their task is to stabilize the foot in the right position and to cushion against shocks that are unhealthy for the whole body. Running in poorly selected shoes or ordinary sneakers causes pain in the legs, joints, spine and increases the risk of injury. 

If we are going to run mainly on asphalt, which is a very hard surface, we need shoes with very good cushioning. When we run on sand or other uneven surfaces, we should wear shoes with a deeper tread that provides better grip. 

No matter what shoes you choose, remember that we should not go out in every day, because they will quickly break down and will not protect our feet so well. The price of good running shoes varies from 250 to 350 PLN. 


For aerobic and gym 

Aerobic shoes, above all, must have a soft sole and be very flexible. Should be higher, end at the height of the ankle and hold the heel well. The sole can not be too thick, but very thin can cause discomfort, for example when jumping. 

It is also better to avoid unnecessary frills and zippers as the shoes become too heavy. Also give up skin because during the aerobics, the feet sweat quickly. If we choose shoes made of fabric, we can easily wash them in the washing machine. Also check that the footwear has interchangeable inserts that make cleaning easier. 


At the hall 

Hall shoes should combine the features of running and aerobics. Such shoes will be useful to us when we play tennis or squash. First of all, they must be soft and comfortable. It is important to have a rubber sole that provides good grip during the game. Depreciation is also very important because tennis or squash are sports that involve running. 


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Posted on: April 18, 2019

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