Scandinavian (Nordic) diet activates the genes of long life


Over the years, doctors have been delighted with the way of feeding the people of southern Europe.But after a long period of reign in health rankings, the Mediterranean diet has serious competition – Nordic diet, or Scandinavian diet.


The inhabitants of Scandinavia are no exception and just like the rest of the world they have a weakness for fast food.But the traditions of the national cuisine of Denmark, Sweden or Norway are based on what doctors consider the healthiest, includingfish, whole grain products and vegetables.And they eliminate the effects of reaching for unhealthy dishes.No wonder that only 11% of the inhabitants of these countries have problems with overweight and obesity.In 2012, the Swedish University of Uppsala announced the results of research, which shows that the typical cuisine of our neighbors from the north not only copes well with elevated cholesterol and blood sugar, but also affects the loss of kilograms.

In another study, published in a serious journal of the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the researchers argue that this diet is already working at the gene level;weakens the activity of those associated with the occurrence of inflammation, and thus bearing the risk of developing serious diseases, includingcancer.

A rich menu for picky eaters

The Scandinavian diet is characterized by an increased amount of the most valuable protein, unsaturated fatty acids and fiber.According to the recommendations of specialists should be based on oily fish (minimum 2, 3 times a week), cereal grains as least processed, such as barley, oats, as well as on legumes and root vegetables.There are also cabbage vegetables in it, as well as those with proven anti-cancer effects.According to the authors of the diet, vegetables should account for 30-50% of what we eat.You can eat bread if it is dark and whole grains, and of course pumpernickel, well known in Scandinavia.In everyday menu, must always appear rapeseed oil and nuts.There are also fruits, mainly apples, blueberries, blueberries and blackberries, but in small amounts and rather as an addition to desserts and meats, facilitating the digestion of the latter.Because it is worth knowing that the Scandinavians are rather carnivorous;they like venison and red meat, but they eat less and less.Steaks or meatballs are only allowed as an accompaniment to dishes and should not be eaten more often than once or twice a week.There are a lot of herbs in this diet, but it can not do without salt, pepper and nutmeg.You need to eat lean dairy products every day.


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A portion of movement

The support for the diet is to be movement – daily outdoor activity should last at least 30 minutes.Water and winter sports as well as Nordic walking are recommended, but it is important that it is a favorite sport discipline.Without counting calories and limiting servings within 6 weeks, you can lose 5% weight, and after half a year, you lose an average of 4.6 kg.The condition of the heart also improves and regulates blood pressure.


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Posted on: January 10, 2019

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