Using the sauna is a treatment commonly used in biological regeneration. It is also used for medicinal, cosmetic or hygienic purposes. They are becoming more and more popular. Places where there is a gym, swimming pool or fitness club. They are often mistakenly considered as one of the ways to get rid of fat. 


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1. Sauna – what is characterized by sauna? 

Saunas are divided into several types. One of them is the Finnish sauna. Another name for a Finnish sauna is a dry sauna. The air humidity used in it is low and the air temperature is from 75 to 110 ° C. The walls of the cabin and its steps are made of wood to prevent users from being burned. Air heating is carried out with the help of a sauna heater, it can also be heated by heaters that heat stones. 

Pouring stones during the treatment causes a short-term increase in the water vapor content in the air. The cabin usually has two or three levels. The highest degree is the highest temperature, and at the same time the lowest humidity, so it is best to start in the sauna from the lowest bench and gradually go higher, and thus undergo a higher temperature. 

The second type of sauna is a steam sauna, also known as a Roman bath. The temperature prevailing in it is about 50 ° C, but it is very high in humidity, which reaches even 100%. There are no steps in it, and the interior is made of ceramics, stone or acrylic. 

There is also a third type of sauna, a wet sauna, where the humidity reaches 100%. Which one is the best? It depends on the needs and what you expect from a visit to the sauna. 

Mention must also be made of the infrared cabin, which is often confused it is with a sauna, but apart from the fact that one and the other interact with warmth, nothing else connects them. Infrared operates on different principles. The difference between them concerns the method of emitting heat. The infrared cabin has a healing effect, a health-oriented sauna. Infrared uses infrared for direct body heating, traditional air sauna in the room. 

2. Preparation for the visit 

The first rule of using the sauna is an hour apart from the last meal. The treatment should be performed with an empty bladder. The body should be clean and dry. Clothing is not recommended. It is best to use the sauna naked, but if it is not possible, it would be best if what we wear is made of natural material and does not contain metal elements, so as not to burn the body. It is best that the body is covered with a towel. 

The use of the sauna has two hot and cold phases. This is a basic feature of the sauna, alternating heating and cooling the system. intervention without a cooling phase, it does not make sense, and can even be harmful. The phases last from 5 to 12 minutes. The total bath time in the sauna is from 10 to 25 minutes. During the heating phase, we stay in the sauna chamber. Overheating causes an increase in metabolism by about 11%. After 3 minutes, increased perspiration begins. 

The blood vessels are then expanded and the body temperature can reach 39 degrees Celsius. The heart rate increases and the smooth muscle tone decreases, which results in easier breathing. In the cooling phase, use a shower or jump into the pool. 

It can not be violent. In this phase, the heart rate decreases. This phase should be the end of every visit to the sauna. 

Due to the fact that a visit to the sauna is a significant burden for the body, you should rest after about 20 minutes. You should also top up the sweaty fluids in the sauna. It would be best if it was mineral water or tomato juice, which contains a large amount of potassium. 

3. Who can use it and who should not 

The sauna is good for people who are suffering from rheumatism, suffer from degenerative joint disease, chronic inflammation of the reproductive organs, muscle aches and acne. It helps to relax and rest. It can not be used by sick and cold people, with fever, infectious diseases, glaucoma, cardiovascular diseases, neoplastic diseases, kidney and liver diseases, endocrine disorders and pregnant women. 

4. Sauna and its effect on slimming 

Sauna definitely does not affect fat burning and slimming. Weight loss recorded after a visit to the sauna results from the loss of water from the body, the loss is from 400 to 800 ml. After replenishing the fluids, the weight will return to normal. Bathing in the sauna supports the effects of weight loss, thanks to the fact that it removes toxins from the body and improves its efficiency. 

It is a great way to regenerate the body, but without a proper diet and exercise, going to the sauna alone will not result in the loss of unnecessary kilograms. 


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Posted on: June 27, 2019

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