Risk factors


What are the risk factors for the body of the trainer? 

How can you prevent / minimize them based on your diet. 


The athlete’s body is a very complex system. This system can not work efficiently without a properly balanced diet. The diet of a person practicing strength sports must be rich in a greater amount of protein, vegetables and vitamins, because this person is exposed to many so-called risk factors. Below I will try to characterize these factors and present ways to protect them. 


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Free radicals 

These are unpaired electrons or oxygen ions that arise in the body as a result of metabolic changes. They have loads, so their goal is to connect to another molecule. They also show strong physical activity. Free radicals very often attack molecules such as cell, protein or lipid DNA. The longer and more intense the training, the more free radicals are produced in the body, which in turn leads to a reduction in the motor fitness of the person exercising and the extension of its regeneration time. However, there are ways to minimize the harmful effects of free radicals – we’re talking about antioxidants here. What exactly are they? 

Well, we call them compounds whose operation involves the depletion of free radicals, and thus – on the protection of cells from destruction. 

Therefore, in the diet of people practicing sports should be found a lot of vegetables and fruits, which are even a mine of antioxidants. A large number of them also contain products rich in beta-carotene, vitamin A, C, E and selenium. 

Exceptional strong antioxidant effects are shown by vitamins A and E when consumed together. Both dissolve in fats, so they pass through the thin, lipid membrane of the cell without problems, penetrating into its interior. 

Thus, a healthy and tasty snack or an addition to a meal can be a salad, consisting of cabbage (vitamin C), carrots (beta carotene), onions (selenium) and olive oil (vitamin E, fat). 


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It is a chemical reaction in general that leads to the breakdown of complex chemical compounds into simpler molecules. In the case of people practicing strength sports, we mean muscle catabolism. Catabolism is a process that causes a decrease in muscle mass. In order to prevent this, it is important to have a proper diet, especially meals around training and a meal before going to bed. 

A pre-workout meal should consist of complex carbohydrates that will be absorbed evenly and proteins. An example of a good meal before training can be barley porridge + skinny fish. Immediately after training, it is worth taking proteins and fast assimilable carbohydrates, stimulating the secretion of an anabolic hormone – insulin, which facilitates the transport of glucose and amino acids to the muscles. An example of such a mixture can be protein-carbohydrate nutrient, which thanks to the liquid form will be better and faster absorbed than solid food. However, do not forget about the full value, which is a must – it should be consumed about an hour after taking the conditioner. Here a good solution will be parabolic rice + lean meat and a portion of vegetables. 

Now briefly on the topic of catabolism at night. During the night fasting in the body a lot of processes take place. Muscle tissue begins to leave almost all amino acids that are used for the needs of other tissues (including the intestines and the brain, which absorbs the most amino acids released from the muscles). To minimize this process, it is worth taking a protein with a long absorption time before bedtime. Here casein, found in the popular curd, works very well here. 


Acidification of the body 

When eating and drinking, we provide the body with minerals that are necessary to maintain the acid-base balance, which is one of the basic conditions for the proper functioning of the body. A large amount of protein, and products such as rice, cereal, meat, pasta, on which the diets of people exercising are based, acts on the body acidifyingly. 

An additional factor affecting the acidification of the body are acids, which are formed as a result of metabolism. The consequences of acidification of the body may be diseases of internal organs. That’s why vegetables that have alkalizing properties are such an important ingredient in the diet of people exercising. In theory, 200 g of vegetables should be eaten into 100 g of meat. For example – eating 100 g of chicken and 100 g of rice, we will acidify the body with the consumption of apples and tomatoes (both products in the amount of 200 g). 



Acidifying products 






yellow and white cheese, 

barley porridge, oatmeal, rice, pasta 




highly processed products 


Alkalizing products 







onion and garlic 


black currant 








chives, parsley 


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Posted on: February 14, 2019

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