Regenerated liver


The liver is an organ with an extraordinary ability to regenerate, but in order to be able to repair its structure, it needs the right conditions. By using different types of pharmaceuticals, spending evenings with beer in your hands, eating improperly, not only that you test your liver’s endurance, you also do not give her the chance to unscrew the negative effects of your thoughtlessness. If you have not shown any interest in the condition of this organ so far, the time has finally come to devote some attention to it. 


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Excessive intake of highly processed foods, especially sweets, junk food, sweet beverages, imprinting on your liver, just as the excess of supplied energy does not serve. If for a long time you have been throwing you into something, then changing your diet is simply a necessity. Meals should be smaller and more frequent, based on low-processed, yet easily digestible products. It is best to cook the meals with steam, or boil in water, stew or bake in foil. Thanks to this your liver will catch a second breath. 

Although more and more scientific research indicates that moderate doses of alcohol can bring some benefits, positively affecting the health of cardiovascular health, so far no one has questioned the negative effect of ethanol on the liver. If you are doing regular alcohol tasting, and especially if you have the habit of losing consciousness every weekend, it is time to stop such practices.


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Posted on: March 12, 2019

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