Protein nutrients – action, division and opinions


Protein supplements – wanting to start an article on their subject, their activities, types and which of them is the best solution for us, it is necessary to mention what protein is at all. Why are protein supplements so much-needed supplements? Remember! We’re talking about a supplement, or about supplementing your diet. Protein supplements can not form the basis or even half of our diet!


Protein – what are proteins?

The proteins are made up of amino acid residues joined together by peptide bonds. They occur in all living organisms. They consist of such elements as nitrogen, hydrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, carbon or oxygen. This means that along with the protein we deliver them to our body. However, do not overdo it. These elements supplied to our bodies in excess in food or through supplementation can acidify our body.

The human body consists of about 15% of proteins and they are constantly needed by the body. In addition, they affect the proper regeneration or hormonal balance. An important matter that needs to be mentioned is the fact that our body can not store proteins on the stock. Therefore, there is no transformation of protein into adipose tissue. The protein’s caloricity is 1g of protein = 4 kcal.


Amino acids and proteins – is it one and the same?

Amino acids, or the most well-known anabolic and anti-catabolic, which is very easily available on the market. Amino acids are elements that build all proteins, so they are an essential element in the development of muscle tissues. They owe their action to a strong stimulation of the endocrine system. It is thanks to them that we can accelerate muscle regeneration, fat burning, or even strengthen the immune system.

When we talk about amino acids, we mostly mean BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids). We include leucine, isoleucine and valine. The combination of these amino acids allows, above all, to supplement their deficiency. However, during the okotaining period, they contribute to the arrest of catabolism and the increase of anabolism.

It should also be mentioned how good it is to use these two supplements together (protein supplements + branched chain amino acids). It has been proven that BCAA amino acids increase the activity of proteins, that is they contribute to the development of muscle tissues.


The action of protein nutrients

Protein supplement as a dietary supplement is to help us provide the right amount of protein in daily demand. Each of us needs it, so we only need to properly adjust and calculate whether we supply enough food in our diet. If we can not provide the right amount of protein from food (mainly from meat), you can reach for a simple and easy-to-prepare protein supplement, which will quickly fill up the shortage of this macronutrient. Protein supplements are also often very tasty. In a situation where we have a restrictive diet, proteins can be a tasty substitute for sweets,


Distribution of protein supplements

Today’s supplement market is very developed. This is a huge advantage for us, because on the store shelves there are very good quality protein supplements.

Types of whey proteins

– whey protein concentrate (WPC)

– whey protein isolate (WPI)

– whey protein hydrolyzate (WPH)

micellar casein

The last three types listed below are the least known. Although the protein of beef is becoming more and more available on regiments in supplement stores.

– beef protein

egg protein

– soy protein


Types of protein supplements

  1. a) whey protein concentrate (WPC) – protein content from 70 to 80%. It comes from milk and contains a small addition of fats and carbohydrates. It is very tasty, because it is carbohydrates and fats that give this very good taste to the conditioner. This protein is obtained by micro and ultrafiltration.
  2. b) whey protein isolate (WPI) – protein content approx. 90%. It’s fast-drying. It contains very little, because about fat and carbohydrates. It is obtained in the CFM process, i.e. at low temperature.
  3. c) whey protein hydrolyzate (WPH) – protein content from 90 to 95%. It is the cleanest and the fastest assimilable of whey proteins. They are obtained in the hydrolysis process, which breaks long peptide chains short. This type of protein supplement contains traces of carbohydrates and fats.
  4. d) micellar casein – is a long-lasting protein. It usually occurs in dentine, it digests for a long time and so absorbs (about 6-7 hours). Most often it is used as a protein for the night
  5. e) beef protein – it is a product with a high protein content – about 90%. Manufacturers of this type of protein supplement suggest that it is the best quality source of protein on the market. It is a fast-absorbing protein.
  6. f) egg proteins – it is a slow-leavening protein, so just like casein protein it will have its use before bedtime. The protein content in the product is often around 60-70%.
  7. g) soy protein – is the protein that is the least popular in the world of body sports, but more and more used due to the preferences of diet excluding meat and dairy products from the daily diet. The protein content in 100g of the product varies around 80%. It is a fast-absorbing protein.


Which protein supplement should you choose?

I think that my approach to choosing a type of protein supplement is logical and simple. I am guided by whether I am in the period of building muscle mass, during the transition period, or in the reduction period.

During the reduction, I use a protein supplement that contains the least amount of fats and carbohydrates and absorbs quickly. I use it also as an anti-catabolic during the post-workout period. Therefore, during the period of fat reduction, I invest in a whey protein isolate.

When building muscle mass, I usually choose a different type of whey protein, e.g. a concentrate. The choice is also supported by the price of the products. I assume that during the reduction, you should not save on the quality of products. There is time for so-called mass. The choice can also be directed (as I mentioned earlier) dietary assumptions, ideological guidelines or price. Fortunately, the supplement market now serves a wide range of protein supplements. Everyone will have the opportunity to find the right product just for themselves.


Protein nutrients – reviews

Protein supplements usually have good opinions. People using them most often pay attention to protein content and solubility and on this basis determine the quality of the conditioner. It is also believed that protein supplements should be of animal origin. The best opinions have isolates and hydrolysates of whey protein. Subsequently, there are whey protein concentrates, beef protein, and finally vegetable proteins.

Posted on: October 25, 2018

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