Protein intake and muscle mass growth


Protein is perceived as a critical nutrient in the diet of people who want to develop musculature. After all, muscles are made up of amino acids, whose source are … protein products. Therefore, such an unwritten belief has become popular, which says that the rate of muscle mass increase depends on the supply of proteins, and the possible lack of progress results from too low intake of this macroelement. Is this approach to the issue right, however? 

Protein is one of the key nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Proteins are called high-molecular nitrogen-containing organic compounds that are made up of amino acids linked together by chains called peptidic. Amino acids building proteins can be divided into 


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Protein is a building material for tissues (such as muscle tissue and connective tissue) and biologically active agents, such as enzymes and certain hormones. Its food source is both animal and vegetable foods, the first of which contain a protein with significantly better digestibility and higher nutritional value. Particularly recommended sources of protein are 


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In the case of reliance on plant foods, care should be taken to differentiate the selection of protein products so that the diet will include 


Posted on: January 29, 2019

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