Physical activity during holidays, or how to prevent weight gain at Christmas


Christmas is a particularly difficult time for those who care about slim figure. Refraining from eating tasty dishes often turns out to be too much of a challenge. It is worth to try to minimize the effects of the festive greed.How to do it? It’s best to bet on physical activity. On holidays, most places such as fitness clubs, swimming pools or gyms are closed, but this does not mean that you do not have the opportunity to move a bit.

Walk instead of Kevin

In many homes, a significant part of the holiday is spent in front of the TV screen.Television stations do not care about making the program more varied, so each year viewers can watch the same films again and again.So you will not lose much if you turn the TV off for an hour and go for a long walk.Of course, you should invite your loved ones to him.Walking together is certainly not worse than sitting in front of a TV screen or eating a full table.Snow and low temperatures do not have to be a reason to give up walking.All you need is a good suit, headgear and protective cream that will keep your skin exposed to cold air.

Family fun on the snow

Christmas is not always white.However, if you accumulate a larger layer of snow on the ground, it is worth using, especially if you have children.Making a snowman together, and maybe even an igloo, is a great way to get rid of excessive kilos and encourage the youngest to active recreation.It is also worth looking for a place where you can go sledging.

Time for training

You can also burn excess calories without leaving your home.There are many exercises that you can do during home training. Squats, push-ups, lifting and lifting weights (these can be water bottles) are just a few suggestions.If you like dancing, then you can turn on your favorite music and move around a bit or find recordings on the Internet that will help you learn the basic steps of different dances.You do not have to spend a lot of time on training.Good results can be obtained thanks to 40 minutes of exercises. However, it is worth choosing the right moment for training.You should not eat directly before exercise, so it is better not to start your activity after leaving the Christmas table.If you are worried that during the day you will not be able to find time to train, get up early and practice it in the morning.Remember, however, not to start exercising immediately after waking up, because it is harmful to the spine.


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Christmas is the time when the risk of gaining weight is particularly high, but thanks to physical activity you can burn excess calories consumed.The accumulation of adipose tissue can be counteracted both at home and outside.You can invite family and friends to the training, so you do not have to waste any time out of the time you wanted to spend with your loved ones.It is worth remembering about the movement, so that the list of New Year’s resolutions will not make you lose weight, especially if you have already got rid of excess weight and you know with what effort it is related.


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Posted on: December 19, 2018

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