Pancreatic diet


The pancreas in our body plays an important role. That’s why we should look after her.

The pancreas is associated with diseases such as pancreatic duct stones, acute and chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic cyst and pancreatic cancer, and endocrine neoplasms of the endocrine part

It is in such diseases that the pancreatic diet is used.

The diet consists of 4 phases. Each of them is important. The order of phases is also important to go from one to the other without skipping any.

Pancreatic diet – principles

Pancreatic diet – the four stages nI pancreatic phase consists of not eating anything for 24 hours. Then you can drink bitter tea, eat rusks, rice gruel or oatmeal.

The second phase of the pancreatic diet consists in eating products containing protein, but also not a large amount of fat. Such products are, among others, skinny cheese or skinny fish.

The third phase of the pancreatic diet consists in starting the previously mentioned food, eating wheat bread, potatoes and vegetables, but only boiled. You can butter bread with butter or margarine. To diversify some food you can start eating low-fat meats, meats and cheeses.

The fourth phase of the pancreatic diet consists in consuming such products so that it is low-fat, easily digestible and low-fat. The diet in this phase depends on the type of disease associated with the pancreas.

Prepare food is best done by n- Baking in foil n- Cooking n- Cooking on foil or steam n- Stewing dishes


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Pancreatic diet – allowed products

Flour and bakery products are stale bread, rolls, semi-confectionery bread, rusks, toasts, toasts, biscuits, semolina, Krakow, pearl, semolina, oatmeal, rice, maize.

Milk and dairy products are skim milk up to 2% fat, fresh and sour milk, buttermilk, kefir, lean cottage cheese.

Egg white eggs, egg omelette, egg for thickening sauces, egg yolk in limited quantities.

Meat, poultry, lean species of veal, beef, horsemeat, pork loin, skinny pork, chicken, chicken, turkey, pigeon, rabbit, hare, roe deer.

Fats butter. High quality margarines – Tina, Bona, Karna, Rama, vegetable oils – soybean, sunflower, olive oil, sweet cream.

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Low-fat meats, ham, tenderloin, poultry cold meats, ham sausage.

Fish lean fish cooked – cod, pike, zander, tench, bream, crucian carp, perch, flatfish, fish in jelly.

Desserts Kissels, compotes, biscuits, buns, jelly, honey, jams.

Drinks weak tea, bavarian, cereal milk with milk, infusions of herbs, non-carbonated mineral water, weak coffee.

Vegetables, potatoes, carrots, beets without vinegar, delicate lettuce leaves, celery, skinless tomato, dill, parsley.

Fruit in the form of mousses, compotes, purees, oranges, bananas, mandarins, peaches, baked apples, apricots, lemon.

Seasonings salt, bay leaf, allspice, dill, sugar, herb pepper, citric acid, vanilla.

Pancreatic diet – prohibited products

Flour products and bread fresh bread, wholemeal bread, graham, cakes, donuts, faworki, pancakes, fried pancakes, buckwheat (possibly rubbed).

Milk and dairy products oily milk, yellow and processed cheese, cream, condensed milk.


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Hard-boiled eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs with bacon, eggs in mayonnaise, pork chops.

Meat, poultry greasy beef, pork, hard-cured meats, duck, goose, steak tartare, offal.

Fats animal fats – lard, lard, bacon, tallow, greaves, rapeseed oil, hard margarines.

Cold meats, smoked meats, smoked meat, luncheon meat, canned food, white sausage, fat gammon, brawn, black pudding, pate, dried meats.

Fish of fatty species – carp, herring, eel, mackerel, salmon, halibut, tuna, sardines, canned fish, smoked fish.

Desserts Cakes, confectionery, donuts, faworki, cheesecake, chocolate, halva, ice cream, caramel, whipped cream, candied fruits, poppyseeds, gingerbread, carpathian, cakes, cakes with cream, cakes with alcohol.

Drinks Alcohol, cocoa, chocolate, soft drinks and sparkling mineral waters, strong coffee and tea nWegetables cucumbers, radishes, mushrooms, cabbage, onion, brussel sprouts, swede, peas, broad beans, corn, leek, pepper, sorrel, garlic.

Fruits all unripe fruits, dried fruits, gooseberries, pears, nuts, almonds, figs, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, plums, grapes, strawberries, wild strawberries.

Spices Spicy spices – vinegar, real pepper, curry, mustard, ginger, nutmeg, paprika.

Sample menu and breakfast of stale bread roll with butter and sirloin, coffee grain with milk. NII breakfast; roll with cottage cheese, skinless tomato, lemon tea. Potato soup, chicken stew, dill sauce, rice, boiled carrot, apple compote. n Lighted fruit yogurt, biscuits. Fish noodle in jelly, wheat bread, butter , mint infusion.

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