OXY diet – a safe version of the protein diet


Although the world-known protein diet was quickly considered to be unhealthy, its popularity did not diminish.So it was changed so that it would still be effective, but it did not hurt.Get to know the OXY diet.


The most famous high-protein diet, named after its creator Dukan’s diet, is over 10 years old.Its most important principle is to maximize the amount of animal protein while limiting (in the initial stage even eliminating) fats and carbohydrates.The menu consisted of dairy products, meat and later also a small amount of selected vegetables.Unfortunately, such nutrition brought side effects in the form of constipation, headaches, problems with the liver and kidneys.If used longer, this diet increases the risk of osteoporosis.


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OXY diet – a healthier alternative to the Dukan diet

The OXY diet is a new protein diet that is to be an alternative to Dukan’s controversial diet.It was developed in Poland by dietitian Patrycja Mazur.This is a low-calorie diet that is characterized by an increased amount of protein.It is to be harmless to the body due to the short period of its use, inclusion of proteins not only of animal but also vegetable origin in the diet, as well as a specially composed shake.There are more vegetables in it, and the most restrictive phase lasts shorter.

The OXY menu is designed to improve digestion, remove toxins from the body, purify the urinary tract and improve well-being.Unlike Dukan’s diet, it does not have a yo-yo effect.


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OXY diet – slimming stages

To minimize the risk associated with fast, unbalanced diets, slimming has been divided into five stages of detox, fat burning, step, balance, and stabilization.Each of them lasts exactly one week.Thanks to this, the body moves smoothly from one phase to another and has time to get used to new products, and at the same time the most risky phase lasts for a short time.


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Posted on: January 11, 2019

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