One day cleansing diets


One day cleansing diets can hardly be called diets slimming. The effect achieved after the one-day treatment is rather the result of the body being cleaned and the water removed from it. However, it is worth to do such a diet from time to time. One-day cleansing diets can help slimming. Slimming effects are the result of water loss. Below are some examples of one-day diets that are the most popular. 


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1. Curd cheese 

The calorie content of this diet fluctuates around 1800 kcal. It involves the consumption of lean cottage cheese in the amount of 75 dag. It is divided into four portions. For breakfast, curd can be eaten with banana sliced, for dinner with half a red pepper, for dinner with chives and potato in a sliced uniform. The fourth portion is to be used for a snack and can be eaten with a lemon peel skin. 

2. Potato diet 

Potatoes are a source of vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium. They also contain fiber. We eat about 1000 kcal on a one-day potato diet. About 750 kcal comes from potatoes, the rest is yogurt, kefir or milk. Potatoes can be cooked or baked without fat, salt and spices. The next step is to divide them into 4-5 servings and eat them with milk supplements. 

3. Apple diet 

The apple quickly saturates, regulates the intestinal function, contains pectin. You can only eat apples, preferably Polish ones, on a one-day apple diet. Washed and with skin. You can drink water, green and red teas, and herbal infusions. The diet can not be used for more than one day and not more often than once a month. They can only be used by healthy people. 

4. Oatmeal diet 

The basis of oatmeal diet is oatmeal. They are a valuable source of magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, potassium and B vitamins, vitamin E or PP. A porridge diet should be prepared with oatmeal. 

It should contain seven tablespoons oatmeal for two liters of skim milk. Boiled porridge should be divided into 4-5 servings and eaten from eight in the morning, every 2-3 hours. Drink plenty of water, herbal teas are also allowed. 

5. Banana diet 

1000 kcal per day are consumed on this diet. These fruits are a source of vitamin C and B vitamins as well as potassium and iron. On a banana diet, you can eat 6 bananas at regular intervals. You can combine them with apple, two mandarins, natural yoghurt, buttermilk or three tomatoes, as well as two pods of pepper. You need to drink at least two liters of water. You can drink herbal tea. 

6. Cabbage diet 

It is a diet for people who want to feel light and healthy and cleanse the body. Sauerkraut contains antioxidants, vitamins C, K and B, fiber, iron, potassium and calcium, lactic acid, which supports bowel function. Juice from sauerkraut and cabbage itself detoxifies the body, improves metabolism. On this diet you can eat 1 kg of cabbage divided into portions. Additives in the form of carrots, tomatoes or apples, but also herbs are allowed. It is important to drink fluids. 

You should drink about 2 liters of water a day. The best results are achieved after two days of using this diet. One day cleansing diets are a good idea to relieve the body of toxins a little – it’s important not to use them for more than a day. However, you should not delude yourself that they are one-day slimming diets.


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Posted on: June 28, 2019

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