One-armed murderer – for a number of throws


Exercise is also eloquent 

The rules are simple 

1. We take a dumbbell weighing ~ half of our body weight (for a person 100 kg = weight 50 kg, for a person 120 kg = weight 60 kg etc.) and we make alternating bed throws, as much as possible, until fallen. 


THE SECOND WAY TO CHOOSE THE WEIGHT OF THE BURGER, how many are you squeezing on the shoulders, sitting with dumbbells? For example, if you use two 40 kg dumbbells in a bench press, you must use AT LEAST 40 kg in the drawer. 


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Toss one-up = first we lift the weight from the ground, put it on the shoulder – then throw it up – blocking the arm in the elbow. We put away the dumbbell and make another repetition. 

If you do not have a dumbbell of more than 45 kg – try at least 45 kg. 


2. Short breaks of a few seconds between long series are allowed, but the exercise loses meaning when the break is too long (> 30 seconds). You must constantly feel tired. Break only for magnesia and catching breath. 



3. The best dumbbell every time to block over the head, to clearly mark the accuracy of the movement. 



4. It is advisable to use magnesia and supervision of the resuscitation team 



5. YOU MUST BE “FRESH – exercise should be done at the beginning of the workout! I immediately point out that after making a raise on the amount – the performance on the rest of the strength training will be underestimated by heavy fatigue! This is a bad solution in terms of performance, but making a raise at the end of the training will be much harder. 


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BEST for this exercise to allocate a separate day, free from the gym (and here the question of who has access to dumbbells in DNT …). A solid warm-up of the whole body should be carried out and attempts should be made to try to break the record in the one-hand drop. 



6. Exercise can be performed up to 2x a week as part of fitness / interval or strength training. 



7. If you like this exercise, maybe you will find quite exotic for the Polish conditions (cage + biceps, back + triceps, shoulders + legs) training

Posted on: January 25, 2019

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