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It is worth knowing that the animal body is able to produce the majority of 20 amino acids by itself, but in the case of 8 of them, it turns out to be helpless and must be obtained from the outside in the diet. The name of the Greek origin, exogenous amino acids, means precisely from the outside. Scientific research conducted throughout the 20th century allowed to establish the amino acid composition of virtually all proteins with nutritional significance, as well as to estimate their quality, i.e. the probable level of utilization (in%) for the body’s building purposes. I will say, for example, that if the quality of the protein is 50%, it means that it can be used by the body only in half; it just allows its amino acid composition. Therefore, if we want to compensate for the daily loss of “perfect” protein, amounting to 30 g, we need to eat twice as much protein with 50% quality, or 60 g. 


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It is assumed that the best amino acid composition in nature has the whole egg protein (without separation into “yolk and” protein). In studies on various experimental animals it was confirmed that it is practically used in 100%. 

Product name. Quality of protein in% 

Egg 100

Beef meat 71 

Beef liver 70 

Milk 68 

Beef kidney 65 

Beef heart 65 

Casein (cheese) 58 

Sunflower seeds 53 

Oat flakes 46 

Yeast 45 

Rice 44 

Corn sprouts 39 

Wheat germs 38 

Wheat 37 

Corn 28 

Wheat flour 28 

Gelatin 0 


The table shows that proteins of animal origin, although not as outstanding as the whole egg protein, are generally characterized by “decent quality, in the order of 58-71%, clearly over planting (28-53%). It is worth adding that in the vast majority of animal proteins there is a partial deficiency of amino acids containing methionine and cysteine sulfur (Ponomarenko, 1974), and in some – a deficiency of tryptophan. (Rafalski et al., 1975) 


At the bottom of the table, however, there is a product of animal origin, gelatin, which is the main soluble protein of collagen, originating from the boiled connective tissue. In gelatine, we have a deficit of up to 5 exogenous amino acids, which is an extremely rare phenomenon in nature. In the meantime, it is enough to lack only one of eight essential amino acids to ensure that the quality of the protein equals zero. 


The nutritional value of hen’s and quail’s eggs. 

Ingredient of an egg quail chicken egg 

Wapnomg 59 56 -58.5 

Fosformg 232 180 – 237.9 

Iron fusion 3.8 2.1 – 2.25 

Magnesium 11,62 12 

Sodium 132 132 

Potas 135 135 

Copper 0.11 0.03 

Zinc 1.46 1.36 

Vitamin A IU 300 221 

Thiamine mg 0.12 0.09 

Riboflavin mg 0.85 0.32 

Niacin mg 0.10 0.06 – 0.09 

Energy kcal 158 183 

DATA ON 100gram product 

Compared to the chicken egg, the chemical composition of the quail egg is richer. Quail eggs contain more essential exogenous amino acids and less fat. They are also a rich source of iron, copper, carotene and B group vitamins. They are characterized by the highest content of available phosphorus, unparalleled in other food products. In addition, they are characterized by excellent taste, impressive appearance and easy divisibility. 

Quail eggs are helpful in the treatment of asthma, diabetes, nervous disorders, bronchitis, anemia, kidney and liver diseases and in hair strengthening therapy. Regularly consumed are considered an aphrodisiac. 

Quail eggs can be stored in a completely fresh state for 30 days, and in the fridge for up to 3 months. 


Perfect egg. 

1. The chemical composition of eggs and the high biological value of the fat proteins contained in them make us see the highest quality food product in them. 

2. It is eggs, and mainly their yolks, that contain so many antiatherosclerotic factors – unsaturated fatty acids, sulfur, choline, iodine, vitamins and minerals. 

3. Attention! All these factors become very atherogenic, if the eggs will be consumed by a man who can not maintain the right proportions between the main components of his diet! 

4. To sum up – for people who feed optimally, eggs should be the most important product, and caution is recommended 


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Posted on: February 14, 2019

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