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Diet … Some people have skin at the very thought of it, they get convulsions and shudders. Others are dietary veterans. They tried all possible and available diets. Supplements are their breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but … effects are missing. There are others, which unfortunately is the least. These are those who have succeeded and can see its effects. So where does this discrepancy come from? Why are one succeeding and not one?
You start because – you want to

Nobody can make you die. No one can convince you that you need it. In this way, you can slim down only those who love the sweetness and only the sweet tooth. If in your heart you think that healthy eating is not for you, do not take up the challenge.
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However, if you know that renunciation and the use of appropriate, often stringent rules are feasible for you – there is nothing else to do but take the challenge! A beautiful and slim figure in your case is just a matter of time. You start a diet and fight with kilos because that’s what you want!

You comply with the set rules

Unfortunately, the diet is a list of specific rules. Something slow for something that is not allowed. If you are on a diet, follow its rules too. If it’s been said that you can not eat sweets for two or three weeks, then you should avoid them from a distance. The diet will only work if you are consistent and determined to achieve your goal.

Water – a friend, not an enemy

The third of the principles of diet and healthy eating is recent, not without reason, publicized by the media and television. You know it well, but it is worth repeating once more – a man consists of water. The use of a diet that will not go hand in hand with drinking the right amount of drinks does not make sense.
You will not lose body fat, but just water – an essential ingredient for life. So remember to drink as much water as possible during the diet, so that after a successful weight loss treatment you do not gain extra kilos, and thus do not lose motivation.

I am and only me

During a diet with double strength, you feel that you are not allowed to eat something. It seems to you that from every side, from every friend, there is an invitation to cake, ice cream, pudding, and other sweets. You must remember that the smallest sinner can negatively affect your diet. Think – only a few days of sacrifice, and the effects will be visible for months and years. Do not be crazy! You will go to a cafe more than once in your life – today you can let go.

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Weight – a friend, not an enemy

Weigh, check your progress. Do it, however, not every day, but every two days, that your motivation to act does not decrease, but it grows. You must have heard stories about someone who did not lose weight during weight loss. He checked the progress every hour and, unfortunately, more demotivated than motivated. Weight is not your enemy, but remember that common sense is the most important thing.

Posted on: October 3, 2019

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