Natural fat burners


Fat burners are primarily associated with dietary supplements, which aim to accelerate the rate of fat burning.It can not be denied that such preparations are an important aid during weight loss.It is worth paying attention to the fact that there are also natural fat burners.What’s more, some of them are used as ingredients of supplements to accelerate fat burning.

Natural fat burners are food products containing substances that help fat tissue burn faster.One of such products is coffee, and more precisely it contains caffeine, which is often used in supplements supporting slimming.Caffeine enhances the activity of metabolic pathways that are involved in the process of fat burning.Not without significance is the fact that caffeine has a stimulating effect, so it increases the energy needed for exercise.Coffee will work effectively if we drink it in a daily amount to deliver 100-150 mg of caffeine to your body.The best results can be obtained by drinking coffee in the morning or before training.Caffeine is found in the Cannibal Inferno AMPed thermometer from Chaos and Pain, which has a strong thermogenic and energizing effect, while at the same time reducing appetite.

Cannibal Riot

The next natural fat burns are cayenne pepper and chili peppers, in which there is capsaicin.It is a chemical compound responsible for the spicy taste of these spices.Capsaicin increases thermogenesis and thus accelerates fat burning.The activity of this compound has been confirmed by scientific research.Cayenne pepper and chili pepper are spices thatshould be used during weight loss.It is worth mentioning that even a special capsaicin diet has been developed, the most important principle being the consumption of dishes seasoned with capsaicin-containing spices.However, such a diet should not be used by people with hypertension and digestive system diseases, such as stomach ulcers.The daily dose should not exceed 0.5- 1 teaspoon.Among the supplements containing capsaicin, you can mention OxyMax XT from Performax Labs.

OxyMax XT

Of the spices, it is also worth recommending curcuma.This spice has mild thermogenic properties, and at the same time supports fat metabolism and reduces its storage in liver cells.Turmeric works efficiently if consumed in an amount of about 1 teaspoon per day.

Among the natural fat burners is apple cider vinegar.Of course, it can not be confused with spirit vodka, which is dangerous for health.The apple vinegar contains fruit acids, which are also used in cosmetology.These acids prevent the absorption of excessive amounts of fat, so it is worth reaching for apple cider vinegar, if we have a weaker day and want to afford a fat dish.Although apple cider vinegar is safe for humans, it should not be overaged with its amount, because it would then make it difficult to absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

Noteworthy is also green tea.This tasty drink contains epigallocatechins that lower the appetite, so drinking green tea makes it easier to persevere on the diet.At the same time, green tea reduces the absorption of fat from food and increases thermogenesis, which prevents excessive fat deposition and accelerates the burning of its stores.Green tea is one of the ingredients of Trec Nutrition CLA + Green Tea, which improves metabolism and helps to reduce body fat.

CLA + Green Tea

The above-presented food products can facilitate slimming, increasing the rate of weight reduction.It is worth to include them in your diet if the rules of the diet are allowed.Of course, some products should be used in moderation because of their health.This applies, inter alia, to coffee and sharp spices that contain capsaicin.


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Posted on: January 4, 2019

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